Morning Soul: Dip It Low, Pick It Up Slow

7 Responses

  1. Perhaps Beyonce is crying over the success of solid reviews the album has received? Or maybe she knows something about the record sales that 'we' don't? Hmmm...

  2. Solange's success brings Beyoncé to tears...............yeah from laughing so damn hard:) Solange couldnt sell ice water in hell much less an album. Thank God her big sister is richer then rich.

  3. Count me as one of the people who are not impressed by Leona Lewis. She annoyed me at the Olympics closing ceremony ...
    I just want Janelle Monae to come back down to Earth and realize that she is on Bad Boy before its too late.

  4. It always makes me uncomfortable to watch Christina Milian - she looks like a fourteen year old dipping it low, gyrating and carrying on... *shivers*

  5. And.... after paying for and listening to Janelle Monae's cd, I'm convinced she's an alien as well.

  6. okay. i SO wish leona lewis would go. away. and i'm not at all ashamed to say that, either.

  7. You aren't the only one, Mia. I loved that song but the video just didn't set well with me. The hoochification just made me sad.


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