Morning Soul: Every Day Is Christmas and Every Night Is New Year’s Eve

  • It may be possible that Jay-Z is forming his own record label. At this point it's also possible he isn't. Whatever. [SR]
  • Janet Jackson is still the saucy vixen we all know and love her for being, teasing one lucky fan with a lap dance at her concerts. [E!]
  • Get your lighter and guitar ready: Unreleased material from Jimi Hendrix and the Ghetto Fighters may soon be available online. [RS]
  • Jill Scott has a supporting role in the controversial film Hounddog that also stars Dakota Fanning. It will be great to see her act in something Tyler Perry didn't write. [BV]
  • Don't forget to enter for a chance to win tickets to see Little Jackie and J*DaVeY, Los Angelinos. [SB]

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