Tune In TONIGHT! SoulBounce to Live-Blog the 2008 MTV VMA’s

mtv_vma_2008.jpgAgainst my better judgment, I, Butta, have made an 11th hour decision to live-blog the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards. This will be my first time live-blogging any fare from MTV for SoulBounce, because, in all honesty, they cater to a different audience than we do. But with guests such as John Legend, Lupe Fiasco and Leona Lewis scheduled to appear alongside Ciara, Lil Wayne and T-Pain, the potential for some uckeryfay to pop off is so there. And with Kanye West ending his three-minute boycott and closing the show with a new song, it will be worth watching just to see what he comes with. I'm praying for a hissy fit!

Come back tonight around 8 PM EST for my loose red carpet coverage, then the real party starts at 9 PM. Now let me go get my mind right for what I'll be subjecting myself to this evening. The things I do for you all! Remember this at Christmas.

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5 Responses

  1. The last time I actually sat and watched the VMAs was when Jamie Foxx hosted.
    I knew that attention whore Kanye couldn't go without MTV.Lol.What he does doesn't surprise me at all.But I be here @ 7 since I'm central!

  2. You shouldn't waste your Sunday night on this MTV's crap-ola of an awards show.
    Snoop Dogg's video for "Sensual Seduction" was by far the best video of the year.
    But good luck to you, Butta.
    I'm praying for a nipple slip.

  3. "Uckeryfay!" Oh, Butta, you never fail to provide me with at least one LOL a day.

  4. I don't even know why I plan on watching. (i guess there's nothing better on) Last year's VMA's were TERRIBLE and the lineup of performers this year flat out sucks. Kid Rock? The Jonas Brothers? Come. On! The VMA's use to be THAT award show, but its been garbage since 2003.

  5. who the hell is russell brand??