When Bad Performances Happen to Good Causes

The cause? A great one. The song? An empowering one. The live performance? A ridiculous one.

After reading about this in the comments section on the "Freedom" post last week, I would be remiss not to mention the song "Just Stand Up!" It stands as a great example of #3 on that list but cannot be compared to or contrasted with "Freedom" outright. It does deserve its own post, though. The performance video of "Just Stand Up!" during the this past Friday night's Stand Up to Cancer telethon after the bounce.

I was willing to give the song a chance until Miley Cyrus started in the first time. Why was she shouting? By the time Mariah
began her whisper-yell singing, the song was doomed. Those, and the faint
vocal track in the background, were among a slew of unfortunate elements during an
underwhelming performance.

Getting that group of women together
must have been quite a feat (minus original contributors Melissa Etheridge, Sheryl Crow, and LeAnn Rimes and plus Nicole Scherzinger). It's a shame that they had to depend on
octaves, simple harmonies and vocal theatrics to make it work. And
seriously, Cyrus derailed the entire song.

The fight against cancer deserved better. [CL]

"Just Stand Up"
A portion of the proceeds from sales of the song will benefit Stand Up To Cancer.

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15 Responses

  1. should have used the folks from the original "We are the world" 🙂

  2. Is Fergie a reggae artist now?

  3. AWFUL!!!!!!!!! Sadly, awful......
    And was Beyonce still in character for her role as Etta James? If so, I am NOT looking forwarded to that. she looked bad:(

  4. I disagree ..Miley and Riri ruined that song.

  5. A mess.
    @DLS77: Beyonce could rock a nappy dreads and I'd still "hit." 😛
    @j & blknite: No, Fergie *and* Miley ruined the song for me.

  6. I said the same thing about Miley Cyrus; she really did ruin the song. I strongly dislike her, and she's my age so I can express that!

  7. I did NOT like Miley Cyrus in the song. But I must admit that I looked past the sounds, and looked deeper into the cause they were supporting. All in all, I like the song.

  8. Yeah Hannah Montana ruined it. I was just shocked at all the brown blonde girls on stage.

  9. Well, the song is not good to start with. It's very sappy, and to me, songs that are overly sappy are anything but inspirational. But to each his own. Anyways, Miley Cyrus completely ruined the performance. If you listen during the first chorus, she is the only one you can identify and she sings each note a little while longer than everyone else, so her suckiness is even more notable. Here voice is terribly whiny and babyish. I don't understand how she made it. Without Fergie, Miley, Nicole Scherzinger, and Rihanna, this would have been much better.
    Oh yeah... and am I the only one who thought they should've done something a little more creative than just standing in a line? Props to Beyonce for at least trying to do sumthin' other than just standing there looking awkward until her next part came up.

  10. Oh it was OK, safe & dull but OK, even with the yappy puppy.
    Hope it raises a lot of money.
    Interesting to spot the ones (two?) with REAL charisma.

  11. This wasn't totally wack. It had some redeeming moments but the lames on stage brought the song way down.
    This would have been a much better with folks like Syleena Johnson, Tamia, Ledisi, Lizz Wright, Chaka Khan, Teedra Moses, CeCe Winans, Yolanda Adams, Mary Mary, Chrisette Michele, Deborah Cox, Christina Aguilera...I could go on, but you get my drift.

  12. @ Butta: I approve everyone in that dream team except for Xtina. You were watching the VMAs... she's too good to sing live now. Psh.

  13. Okay after seeing that last night I was all types of confused as to why this Miley Cyrus girl is a star - she sounded ATROCIOUS!!! When you make Rhianna sound good then I need to understand why you're holding a microphone, lol. I mean literally each time she started I cringed and was like ohh just be quite and let Rhi-Rhi finish yall part. Also, Fergie sounded horrible. B, MJB, and Leona did their things, Mariah was cool Carrie Underwood was cool but that damn Miely Cirus and Fergie were so horrible. Why is Hanna Montana such a big star???
    On another note, while Christina may have lip synched at the VMA's but that girl has pipes and can definitely sing live whenever the whim hits her.

  14. I watched the show last night and when the ladies were singing I cringed when Fergie and Miley opened their mouth.

  15. "Christina may have lip synched at the VMA's but that girl has pipes and can definitely sing live whenever the whim hits her."
    More like when the constipation hits her.


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