Who ‘Can’t Hide Love’ The Best? D’Angelo or Bilal?

While Earth Wind & Fire are a band whose many hits have been reinterpreted several times since they harkened the presence of intergalactic soul from a galaxy far, far away over thirty years ago, not all of the remakes of their hits have been worthy of mentioning. "Can't Hide Love" is a beloved song of EWF's that fortunately has been remade and reworked by two of the Soulquarians' finest singers, D'Angelo and Bilal. While D'Angelo turns up the heat with a live cover of this song, The Randy Watson Experience features Bilal with fellow Soulquarian ?uestlove in a bossa nova-inspired cover of this joint. So we ask you dear readers, who did it best? Ah, yes, we know. Decisions, decisions.

D'Angelo: "Can't Hide Love"

The Randy Watson Experience: "Can't Hide Love"

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16 Responses

  1. Good golly Miss Molly! Must. Breathe. And. Stop.
    This is my favorite EWF song EVER! You hear me? Wow, this is truly a tough decision because I like both remakes for different reasons. D'Angelo brings the fire in his vocals but the instrumentation on the Randy Watson Experience version is ridiculous. I think I may need to go with D's rendition.

  2. D'Angelo is more better than Bilal. I like both versions but im a big D'Angelo Fan since the day i started to love his music!!

  3. I like 'em both but Bilal's version sticks with me more.

  4. I'm gonna give it to D'Angelo though I do love Bilal. I just dug the fire from D'Angelo.

  5. Vocally, I dug D'Angelo more, but the RWE after the breakdown was fire. The last half sounds like something that coulda fit on the recent Sergio Mendes release, only hotter. For that, RWE gets my vote.

  6. Whoa, this is oh man.... I absolutely love D'angelo and there is nothing better than live music.... but there is something about Mr. Oliver and the RWE that is really doin it for me. Okay, my vote is for Bilal... ooh I bet this would be amazing live!

  7. okay, y'all are officially killing me with these. i'm going to have to ride for D'Angelo, because although i like a cover song that explores the music in a different context, D'Angelo offers so much more in the meat and potatoes of the original composition. another bonus is that it's live, and that adds a new element "the lady in the crowd exclaiming "Yeah!", for instance. i like what Bilal & the Randy Watson Experience did with "Can't Hide Love" (especially at the end where it transitions musically) but i gotta go with D.
    (anyone who doesn't have the EWF tribute--which has the Bilal version of "Can't Hide Love"--is missing out on some serious heat, namely Ledisi's version of "Devotion.")

  8. Okay, I was just jammin to D'Angelo Live "Jazz Cafe" the other day. I was saying how great this CD was because of this song. So, i hae to go with D.

  9. The background vocals on D' Angelo's version were somewhat warped, I must say. I'm diggin Blilal's version totally

  10. Oh yeah this is DEFINITELY a toughie. But since this was between D'Angelo and Bilal I based it on vocals andI had to go with D'Angelo in the end! Live music gets me every single time, and I was definitely feelin D'Angelo's vocals better than Bilal..HOWEVER, had Bilal done his version live?? that would've been a different story because Bilal live means ?uestlove live on the drums, and then the comparison may just not have been fair!

  11. I'ma have to go with Bilal and the Randy Watson Experience. It was different, in a funky and eclectic (sp) type of way. 'Can't Hide Love' is definitely one of my favorite EWF songs, and I need to find that tribute CD that dar spoke of earlier.

  12. WOW!!!! I loved the music on the RandyWatsonExperience version....,but my noy D killed the vocals......I'll hafta be a knucklehead and say.......,TIE!!

  13. Damn D'Angelo does it so damn sexy ....its oozing funk......i like the last bit on Bilals when it gets disco-y ......I give this one to D.....where the hell he at?

  14. I am a big collector of music...its what I do and one of the reasons I always check this blog out. When it comes to the choice of versions for this classic EWF song....I choose neither. I only say that because I happen to have a live version of Bilal singing this and even though this one is more polished I don't think it compares. Don't get me wrong I love the D'Angelo version just as much and it has more of a live vibe to it but you have to hear the live Bilal one to understand. I will post a link to it here for all those interested. The link comes from my personal music upload site so after you finish feel free to check out the other stuff posted there.

  15. Bilal smashed it. Love D'Angelo but there's no competition. Soon as the beat dropped I went to that special soul place....It was extra dope!