Who Gives You More ‘Butterflies’? Floetry or Michael Jackson?

floetry_michael.jpgOriginally penned by Floetry songstress and sometimes soloist Marsha Ambrosius, "Butterflies" is one of those beautiful songs that really seems to encapsulate some of the feelings associated with passion, love and soft, subtle desire. In the hands of an even marginally capable singer the song itself would do a lot of the hard work, moving toward a crescendo that ultimately falls back into its own tenderness. Floetry, helmed masterfully by Ambrosius, and the inimitable Michael Jackson do wonders on their respective versions of this song. This battle isn't cluttered by wildly different productions or cloying remixed elements: it is strictly about vocal timbre and who conveys the message more effectively.

So, who gives you more "Butterflies"?

Floetry: "Butterflies"

Michael Jackson: "Butterflies"

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34 Responses

  1. Love both.But if I had to choose it be MJ.

  2. I remember thinking when I first heard Michael's cover that he proved the reason why he is such a musical force of nature. He only took Floetry's version and perfectly executed the yearning that Marsha had but made it so much more palpable.
    Michael got this one.

  3. i love both versions....BUT i must go with MJ's version with Marshia doing background!!! it has the right amount of sexy in it and mj's delivers vocally and really gives off the feeling of having butterflies....having marshia in the background gives it that extra uummpph!! i'm hoping for another collabo on Marshia's future solo release , that would be awesome....come back to the Bay Marshia!!!!!

  4. I'm gonna ride for Michael on this one. This was the last great song that he made.

  5. I'm going have to go w/ MJ on this song....something about when he starts singing makes me want to grab my brush and and create a duo..;-)

  6. Man...I guess Michael...he just scoots by. It's a wonderful song though. Props to Marsha for penning it!

  7. I love both, but I heard MJ's first when it was on his last album, so he gets it.

  8. This is what Mike needs to be doing all the time. I know this is an old song off his last album, but he really needs to lean towards a more "old skool MJ" than some of that ish that leaked a while back. That mess with Akon is and Will I Am is just awful.

  9. Michael, I love this song.

  10. I have to go with Michael on this one.

  11. I going with MJ on this one. His vocals are great on this song, it makes you think on the OFF THE WALLS MJ of old!!!

  12. Michael. How that man can sing that well without a nose is completely beyond me.

  13. I love them both... both versions get regular rotation on my iPod.

  14. Floetry for me, please.

  15. This one goes to Michael in my book

  16. I hate to give this as a reason, but I heard MJ's first. Gotta go with his version. It's more polished. Naturally.

  17. MJ's was cool, and like most everyone else, I heard his version first. Floetry, on the other hand, killed it simply because of Marsha's vocals. I love both versions though. A couple of years ago, I even mixed the two. Download my version here.

  18. Ugh. Floetry wins for two reasons: Marsha wrote the songs, and, at this point in life, she can sing and MJ can't. Period. Yes, I dig his emotion near the bridge and all, but come on... Marsha owns this song. Literally. LOL

  19. It's gotta be Floetry!!!
    As already mentioned Marsha wrote the song, that combined with the fact that she has one of the greatest voices of any female in the game today! I like the rawness of the Floetry version (it's listed as a demo on their CD), it suits the subject matter of the song.
    If Floetry can record a demo that sounds this good then what hope have we for the 'auto-tune masses' whose 'polished' material is no where close?
    RIP Floetry .... You will be missed!

  20. Michael Jackson is amazingly talented, but Floetry's version just has that edge over his version.
    Marsha is an incredible songwriter, Floetry were and still are amazing.

  21. I agree with you woosh.
    I heard Michael's version first; and it's clean and neat and 'safe', but Floetry's version is just...well, like you said, it has EDGE, so I'm going with Floetry on this one.

  22. Avatar

    MJ killed this come on now. Hats off to Marsha for writting it.

  23. This is tuff...but I gotta go with Mike on this one...Hey Ro i got suggestion for the next battle tho...Batle of "Love of My Life"....Brian McKnight VS Erykah Badu

  24. @ j.fellz
    GOOD mix! Definitely!!! Thanks for posting!

  25. @J.Feliz: Your mix ftw! I was just gonna post that I wish there was duet b/t Marsha and Mike. Thanks!

  26. Floatry wrote a classic song, no question! But Mike does what Luther used to do - take somebody else's song and make it his own. His personal life is a mess: we know this. But as a vocalist - he's practically flawless. He brings tone, tibre, technique, passion & raw emotion to any of his performances. This belongs next to anything thing else he's done.

  27. I was waiting for this match up...
    Marsha definitely wrote a beautiful song.....but, I have to give it to MJ for singing it amazingly; Mike's falsetto on this gives me chills.

  28. heyhey & MuseSick, I'm glad you liked my mix of the two songs. Please share it with others. If anyone else hasn't heard it, check it out.

  29. This is one of my fave MJ songs. Gotta give it to him. Call me crazy, but I don't think Marsha sounds good on this. They harmonize well but alone, I vote no.

  30. gotta give it up to jacko on this one. marsha is one my favorite singers in the biz and she definitely did right with penning this song, but the cleaner sound along with those horns put mike's version on top.
    i hope marsha brings the fire with her solo!

  31. I like MJ's delivery and background harmonies, but this is Floetry's. I actually like their live version best with the Floacist. It worked really well with the two of them. There's a sense of urgency in MJ's version that's missing from Floetry's recorded version but is present in the live version.

  32. I love marsha's version. But mike still rocks. his version gave more feelings to the song especially his falsetto, so sexy! and I'm still amazed how mike can hit such high notes at his age (when he recorded this song)! (^^,)?


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