And They Are Signed to Universal Motown

So where do I begin? This video will either disprove or solidify our recent rants about there being no visible female MCs. This epic piece of uckeryfay landed in my RSS feeds as part of my subscription to Universal Motown's Youtube channel. Naturally, when I saw one of my favorite words "Motown" mentioned in context with another of my favorite words "hot sauce" I happily clicked. Children, what has been seen cannot be un-seen! I wish Sweet Rush and their "Hot Sauce" all the best since they just seem to be a couple of kids making tunes for kids and having fun. And besides, who doesn't want a little L'Trimm meets Fergie with a dash of The Joker? But, I shudder to think where this budget could've gone.


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3 Responses

  1. Um.
    That is all.

  2. They suck and age is no excuse . At least L'Trimm was catchy in their kitschey-ness. These chicks are wack and just riding the throwback hipster wave. Please go somewhere and take Sarah Palin with you.

  3. They have such a relatable message; I too am a spicy cup of tea.


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