Bounce-Worthy: Arthur Lewis

Learning Jazz piano, covering D'Angelo songs and hearing Haitian folk music as a child indicate the multifaceted background influencing Arthur Lewis's sound. His ability to meld disparate styles into his own, hinting at but never completely giving over to musical points of reference is quite impressive on If We Were, the recently released EP that he wrote and recorded himself. There is something so appealing about the tenderness in his voice and the earnestness that permeates each song, savvily warding off the potential corniness and aggrandizement permeating so many debut albums produced by indie labels (he's signed to Rock Slinger Incorporated). Lewis has incredible vocal ability that he employs to great effect, smoothly bursting into falsetto and rounding out choruses with multi-layered harmonies with ease. For a handcrafted debut album, this is very cohesive and well-executed, giving a sample of his musical range without the subject matter feeling all that disjointed; he jumps from despondence to longing to anticipatory without forced segues, which is nice. "La Da Da Dee" and "Silly Pop Song" are two standout offerings that showcase the thoughtfulness and talent of Arthur Lewis. Hopefully, an LP isn't too far off.

Arthur Lewis [Official][MySpace]
If We Were [iTunes]

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6 Responses

  1. Kinda like Remy Shand meets John Mayer... me likey!

  2. Nice. I like his voice and the music.

  3. arthur lewis is fresh. i'm glad you guys featured him.

  4. I like this a lot. Thanks for featuring him... and good look to Bree, I forgot allll about Remy Shand. I, too, thought about John Mayer when I heard this..and I am sick to death of the pop-crap on the music, I will give this a try...Drop an album soon Mr. Lewis.. and let a sistah know when it does.
    Thanks, soulbounce..

  5. Ooh, this was an unexpected treat! And am I the only one who is thinking he a cutie on top of the nice music? 🙂 Please keep us posted on this one. I like it.

  6. WOWDAMN! That's what's up, that boy is guuud, that boy reals guud! Bree you be postin' it up! (What's with the Remy Shand comparisons? He's no closer to Remy Shand (who I like) than he is to Remy Ma!) He has more depth in his timbre than Remy can muster in his best falsetto.