‘Come Over’ To Estelle & Sean Paul’s Room

This new video for the remix to Estelle's "Come Over" featuring Sean Paul is a pleasant surprise. The duo's chemistry on the song translates well onto film. Other than the brief distraction of Sean Paul's hair (what is that? a corn-hawk? a hot mess?), this video is a decent complement to the track. These two are staying in a hotel a few doors down from each other, and their sexual tension is thick in the air. They eventually hook up at a party (I see you, Kardinal Offishall) and get their groove on. Personally, I would have preferred to see this video set on an island with some sand, palm trees and skin, but that was probably outside of the budget.

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3 Responses

  1. That is nice. I like the remix with SP, but you're right- his hair is a little odd. It looks like it's receding from the bqack and sides--probably not the look he was going for....

  2. Why, why, WHY! I liked this song the first time I heard Estelle's album and it so happens to be my fav track on the CD. Nahhh, it really did not need Sean Paul all over it honestly. As much as I love me some Sean Paul, the damn song was just fine without him.
    Kardi doing his thing! Tdot! 😉

  3. Neat song, but uhh, why is Sean Paul still rockin' them braids from 2002? After six years, isn't it time for a little re-invention?