D’Angelo Has A New Single. Sort Of. Not Really.

d_angelo_face.jpgWhen the announcement was made that D'Angelo would be releasing an album in early 2009, we were at first somewhat excited. This excitement was then dampened when this same announcement contained within it info on a greatest hits CD/DVD compilation. As though after eight years of waiting for a follow-up to the stellar Voodoo, we hadn't already compiled our own greatest hits mix that we have long grown tired of listening to. What we want is some more new material, D'Angelo! Even news of D's "recent" collaboration with Q-Tip ("I Believe") isn't new. So why is the rerelease of "I Found My Smile Again" being touted by media outlets as if a new single has been released? We're not quite sure either since this single was released in -- get this -- 1996 as part of the Space Jam soundtrack. 

The other suspicious part of the announcement for the "new" D'Angelo single? More word that "he looks great." This last statement wouldn't be so damn laughable if it weren't for the fact that the photo accompanying the initial press release months ago also stressing just how "great" D'Angelo looks now was a photo of him taken around the time his last album dropped. And last we checked, D'Angelo was looking more like this

So what does this all mean? Will D'Angelo truly release some new material? If he does, it will likely be around Groundhog's Day, and we'll probably only be able to hear it if he steps out of the studio long enough to see his own shadow. Despite our complaining, we'll be copping that joint with the quickness because a D'Angelo joint is truly magical indeed. 
New D'Angelo Single Hits iTunes [BB]

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4 Responses

  1. 🙁 I want to be excited, but like Maxwell we have to constanly wait...and....wait....and wait....

  2. Until I see him singing some new work, I'll remain a doubting Thomas. I hope he is getting help for his emotional issues.

  3. I think the new album will take more time! maybe in the end of 2009!
    am still excited!

  4. Yea thats totally not a new track.... suspect
    Hey can you guys fix the clip of that "I believe" track? Didn't get to hear it when you wrote the article back in Jan.


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