Dilla, Meet Janet. Janet, Dilla

janet-dilla.jpgThe Velvet Rope is almost universally hailed as Janet Jackson's creative zenith. Her self-titled debut, not so much. Today's Diggin' in the Crates takes a look at offerings from both ends of that spectrum, guest-starring the great J Dilla. There's something to be said for a producer of Dilla's caliber and cult status laying hands on a track by one of the biggest Pop stars in the world. The results are nothing less than organic. In Hip Hop circles it's widely-believed that Dilla had more to do with the original "Got Til It's Gone" than the album credits would have you believe, and his remixes of the track lay further credence to the claim. But later a rare "donut" from one of his beat tapes would surface named "Track 17." The sampled work is Janet's "Come Give Your Love to Me" from her pre-Control debut. Listen to the way he flipped an anemic '80s Rock/Pop beat into an aggressive head-nodder. Props to Stylus, by the way, for the initial crate-dig.

As part of our internal Constitution, we strive to bring Janet Jackson fans and lovers of true Hip Hop together in harmony and love. Such is the power of dope music.

Janet Jackson: "Got Til It's Gone" (Ummah Jay Dee Mix)

Janet Jackson: "Come Give Your Love To Me" / J Dilla "Track 17"

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  • dar

    THAT, is crazy.

  • Barry Archie

    As a true hip-hop fan and a devoted Janatic. I'm am in complete ecstasy right now!

  • Barry Archie

    By the way, can you provide a link to Track 17? I love that.

  • Man, I used to love Come Give Your Love To Me. Foster Sylvers produced that joint.

  • the ummah jay dee mix of "got til it's gone" remains one of my favorite dilla moments. hasn't aged one day. as for his take on "come give your love to me," i echo dar's sentiments: crazy. the donuts album and the beat tapes that came before it simply emphasize the point that he had the ear of an ARRANGER when it came to his production. the way he heard things was just different from other people. the more i hear from him, the more i'm convinced of that.

  • Langston

    Both are head-nodders indeed! A sign of what really could have been if Dilla had ever an opportunity to produce LA Jackson's work. As an aside, DC is tonight!


    This "Got 'Til It's Gone" Remix is my ABSOLUTE Favorite Janet Remix. I dig the original A LOT, but I live 4 this remix right here. I especially love how Janet & Q-Tip are having a conversation throughout the entire song. Listen's ill!


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