‘Don’t Ever Wonder’: Maxwell Concert Videos Have Started Hitting the Net

However, this time around the closest I'll be getting to seeing Maxwell on stage will be watching the bootleg recordings on YouTube that will inevitably pop up online in the next few weeks.

Remember my recent breakdown courtesy of Maxwell? Of course you do? Well, all I have to say is that I love it when I'm right. OK, OK, maybe that's not all I have to say. I'm never short winded when it comes to Max. But I am going to keep it short and sweet in this instance so that we can all get to the videos from his concert tour that have started springing up on the net like I knew they would. The official US tour doesn't kick off until tomorrow night in Boston, but Amsterdam got treated to the world premiere of his tour on Sunday night at the Heineken Music Hall and our friends overseas have uploaded their concert footage quicker than you can say "Whenever, Wherever, Whatever." And you know what, Maxwell is sounding great, looking even better and appears to be putting on quite a show. Word has it that he sings three new songs (two of which are after the bounce!!), and he incorporates all of his old hits and a few album cuts. Niceness. There's no telling if when his record company, Columbia, or the tour sponsors, BET, will be punk a** b****** pull rank and yank these videos offline, which given the high quality of some of them is a realistic possibility, so enjoy them while you can. This is a great preview for everyone who spent their rent money bought tickets and an awesome (and free!) treat for my fellow Broke Phi Broke members so that we don't feel left out. Keep 'em coming!

Maxwell: "Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder)" Live in Amsterdam

Maxwell: "Everwanting: To Want You To Want," "Sumthin' Sumthin'" & NEW SONG (@ 5:22!!) Live in Amsterdam

Maxwell: "W/As My Girl" & "Pretty Wings" (@ 5:06) Live in Amsterdam

Maxwell: "Whenever, Wherever, Whatever" Live in Amsterdam

Maxwell: "This Woman's Work" Live in Amsterdam

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7 Responses

  1. Ohhhhh this will definitely compensate for not getting to see him! LOL!

  2. I can't wait till' Thursday evening....Radio is on!
    So excited....words cannot express!

  3. I am going to be singing along like a crazy woman. I know all the words to all his songs. can't wait for thursday. assata, see ya there!

  4. Wish I could see Maxwell this time around 🙁

  5. Yup, these vids will be gone in 5,4,3....
    Seems to me the swagger *hee hee* is missing. Sounds good but looks a bit uncomfy at points. Will knock the dust off as he gets more shows under his belt I'm sure.
    Nah, never the rent money. Pedi and eyebrow and some of the grocery money mayyyybe. Maxie sure ain't letting me bunk in with him if Wells Fargo comes knock knock knocking at my door.
    I don't know. Vids never do it for me. I never even re-watch my own. I record them for my subscribers I guess.
    My gf also going to the NYC show has been counting down for 10 days now. Lord!

  6. Butta, I love you for this. Thank you. Every night I would cry myself to sleep thinking about missing out on Mr. Maxwell singing to me at the Paramount here in Oakland. I would give my little baby toe for some tickets...but not the hundred some odd dollars. These clips will suffice. God bless you for this. lol
    Oh how I love me some "Pretty Wings

  7. Hey there~ just wanted to send you a note to tell you not to give up on seeing him live! I was DEVASTATED when I found out how much tickets were because I'm a student and there is a serious budget freeze in my life right now but...I saw him last night in Boston. We were able to get tickets *through Tickemaster* for 39 dollars. A lot of folks were angry because they had paid up to 200 for floor seats but there were a lot of us who only paid 39 (50 including fees)! So it can happen...just be patient and keep your eyes open! Good luck! He's amazingly beautiful


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