From The WTF Files: Aretha Wants You To Touch Her Body

I swear I could not have made this up even if I tried: below is a video clip of Aretha Franklin in concert singing a cover of Mariah Carey's "Touch My Body." Yes, you read that correctly. But before you run to press play below, let's examine briefly why this is all kinds of wrong.

  • Aretha possesses one of the best voices any of us or two generations behind us have ever heard. For her to sing this song when, let's face it, Mariah looked foolish for trying to sing a song that is so full of juvenile sexy innuendos, is absolutely ridiculous.
  • 'Retha does sound good, but something tells me this is payback for Mariah trying to oversing and overtackify the VH1 Divas special they appeared on together. 
  • Re-Re has covered Mariah before, and should have stuck to classy Mariah and not slutty, cougar Mariah which is getting more and more loathsome with every passing album.
Feel free to cringe by pressing play below. [H/T:EW]

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9 Responses

  1. You warned me...................excuse me while I go throw up and poke out both eyes.

  2. I half-smiled when she did the "hunt you down" stabbing motion, picturing her going after Bey-Bey (or a ham... heh) chanting the same thing. That thought got me through the clip.

  3. I do love that outfit she is wearing. I want to be Aretha for Christmas!

  4. the wtf files is right!! lol..aretha and this song just don't mesh, and her outfit choice (which always perplexes me) makes it even more wtf..

  5. Am I the only one with a sense of humor today, that gets that she knew that it was ridiculous, so ridiculous that it worked very well as "entertainment." It shows that she doesn't take herself quite as seriously as we often think she does.

  6. No need to cringe. It was quite enjoyable. Aretha was simply having a good time.
    She is also known to cover Keyshia Cole's 'I Remember' in concert, if you ever come across the audio or video, check it out.

  7. Aretha's on a rampage as of late. there's no need for a legend like her in the game to engage and entertain foolishness. her music speaks for itself. there's never a need for anyone to question who the queen is. Aretha should just continue doing what she's done over the last several decades, which is reign supreme. kill all this R & Beef!

  8. I didnt need lunch anyway

  9. Aretha? Touch my body?
    There ain't that much touching in the world.