How To Do A Booty Song Without Being Crass

Behold Exhibit A below, a video by Canada's Thunderheist for their song "Little Booty Girl." She's "saucy with a twist" quoth the female half of Thunderheist, Isis. Yes, she also says some clichéd sayings such as having a "a bottle full of bub" in the club, but that's part of the fun of this song. Not only does it fit the formula of a booty song in the same vein of 2 Live Crew and Trina back in their early days when they were actually compelling, but the beat is something that you can't escape. Try as you might, the true test of a booty song's effectiveness is the ability from young to old to dance to it, no matter how ridiculous the lyrics might be. A dope beat is a dope beat, period. Something we wish Ray J would learn before he attempts to embarrass himself and succeed in surely getting popped in the head by his moms all at the same time. [H/T: TE]

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2 Responses

  1. I never thought I'd see Thunderheist on this site. I'm impressed - It's nice to see them getting some love stateside!

  2. this ain't a booty's just straight booty.