If This Fight Actually Ended Up Happening, It’d Be Really Hard to Choose Sides

Did you see that clip last week where one of TMZ's shameless "videographers" cornered living legend and unrepentant Soul Diva Aretha Franklin by asking her if she thought Beyoncé owed her an apology for that whole Tina Turner mess? It's right here. Aretha supposedly responded "Beyoncé who?" Sure, ReRe. You'll know exactly who she is when she's awarded the lead role in a movie based on your life, because that's what Beyoncé does. Despite Aretha's wicked response (no doubt emboldened by a crack team of fey, over-the-hill handlers), the real loser here is TMZ for stirring up that nonsense. It happened eons ago. The winner is Tina Turner, since she's rarely ever wrong about anything and knows Jujitsu. [TMZ]

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  1. Aretha was just on 'the View' this morning. She performed 'Hark! the Herald Angels Sing' from her new Christmas ablum & her classic hit, 'Respect.' I have pretty good ears (being a sax player & all), and although Aretha is still great with the vocal acrobatics, she's seems to have lost a lot of the power & conviction her voice use to command on stage. Maybe it's the years of vocal wear and tear finally catching up to her or maybe she was thinking, "Hey, It's the View, not Carnegie Hall" & opted for restraint. Who knows? Either way, they were just "okay" performances. She did mention that she used to get laryngitis from over-singing and talking too much. So, that may have something to do with it.
    Joy Behar is apparently the only one up on the gossip that's been stirring between Aretha & Tina Turner lately. (or at least she was the only one who dared to ask) Whoopi asked Aretha, "Who do you listen to?" After some brief sighing & pondering, she came up with a pretty generalized answer, but then threw out the proverbial bone, "Now, who don't I like." In comes Joy, "What about Tina?" After what seemed to be jokingly mocking Tina, Aretha replied, "I actually like Tina." So, it appears that all of this is water under the bridge by now. As for her & Beyonce, ummm....TO BE CONTINUED? Let's hope not.
    I love the Queen of Soul, but Aretha's really too old to be trying to pick fights with every singer (with actual talent) in the biz. I'd really "R-E-S-P-E-C-T" her if she'd go after the Ashantis, Rihannas, & Cassies within the industry.

  2. Retha is tripping but she IS Aretha, Beyonce should have googled Aretha before opening her mouth. I figured Aretha has done enuff to command that title, I mean would we be tripping if Akon said he was a waaaay better singer then say Luther? 🙂 While Beyonce was kicking chicks outta the group Retha was protesting causes for the black community. I'm a take Retha's side on this she is the QUEEN, so someone please tell Beyonce and that british speaking accent having Tina Turner to let this go. Tina aint the queen of nothing, she had one mega album and her catalog cant compare with that of the grand incomparable Aretha Franklin.
    Ps. Retha go to a weight lost clinic before it's too late my queen.

  3. LoL @ "Beyonce who"
    Aretha is too old to be talking like that.

  4. Sure, ReRe. You'll know exactly who she is when she's awarded the lead role in a movie based on your life, because that's what Beyoncé does

  5. StoneyIsland,
    Actually, Aretha has lost a considerable amount of weight. She's not 1967 'Retha by any means, but she looks better than she did at the filming of the tribute special in her honor a few months ago. That was one of the first things I noticed when she appeared on 'The View' this morning.

  6. Well if she isn't allowed to be eccentric, grumpy and controversial what's the point in being the living legend known as Aretha Franklin?
    I'm in her corner, she makes me laugh.
    Somehow I don't think Beyonce will ever make me laugh.