Is There A Way To Make Sure This Dumbass Never Sells Records Again?

f--- this n----You know what? If you plan on excusing Soulja Boy's garbage-ass statement about slavery then I wish for you never to visit this site again. It's totally worth the loss. I have had it with this child. Granted, he's an easy target, but I honestly didn't think it could get any worse. Also, although we tend to have a little fun at the expense of certain artists, this is one of those times where I've been angered and personally offended. As a Black man. And I am rather pissed off that (1) he exists, and (2) he's been given a pass by so many otherwise intelligent figures in Hip Hop, just because he's "young" and "having fun". He needs his behind whooped by one of those Southern Baptist Big Momma's that didn't tolerate this level of ignorance.

And by the way, I realize we're supposed to be keeping it positive and soulful, but I am taking advantage of my Executive Privilege today. Deal with it.

So here's what Touré tells us (It basically unfolds like a horror story):

Last week in Atlanta, I got to interview Soulja Boy Tell Em. I found out just how young he really is. He was one of about ten rappers I interviewed in one day for my BET show, The Black Carpet. I decided it'd be fun to give all the rappers part of the Proust questionnaire. I thought it'd be a way to get beyond image and into who they really are. Most of the guys gave good, thoughtful, intelligent, sensitive answers. I asked Juelz Santana, "How would you like to die?" He said, "Loved."

Then came Soulja Boy Tell Em. I asked him, "What historical figure do you most hate?" He was stumped. I said, "Others have said Hitler, bin Laden, the slave masters..." He said, "Oh wait! Hold up! Shout out to the slave masters! Without them we'd still be in Africa."

My jaw, at this point, was on the ground."We wouldn't be here," he continued, having no idea how far in it he'd stepped, "to get this ice and tattoos."

Wow. Never mind that diamonds come from Africa. Never mind that there were many generations of pain in between leaving Africa and getting diamonds. Never mind that the long-term cataclysmic effects of subtracting about tens of millions of young, strong people from Africa over the course of a couple of centuries is a large part of the reason why Africa now appears so distasteful to you. Never mind all that, Soulja Boy. You put country first.

I am seriously hoping this is a joke, but I fear it is not. This the same person who, at seventeen-years-old, released a song to nationwide, mainstream acclaim in which he chants about ejaculating on a young lady's (no, I'm sorry, he refers to them as "hoes") back and sticking a sheet to her. At seventeen.

At the risk of being called a "hater" this fool needs his entire career and cashflow revoked. Seriously. I continue to be astounded by how anyone that projects this kind of reckless ignorance can be rewarded with money. Even if it is an act, it's not cool, cute or funny. I'm guessing Touré asked him about historical figures because he maybe thought Soulja Boy, still being a teen and all, would have some recent recollection of what he learned in History class, and was perhaps providing him with an opportunity to show the world that he wasn't a complete wad. No dice. This boy is an coon of the highest degree and an embarrassment to Black people. I feel sorry for anyone that shares DNA with him.

The irony in all of this is that Soulja Boy doesn't realize that he himself is still a slave. You know, since he's getting paid to be a mascot for Black ignorance and also making someone else rich in the process. Isn't he signed to some boutique label as part of Interscope? Eventhough I myself have never been to Africa, everyone I know that has gone has returned ten times smarter. Picture that. So here's my recipe for "fixing" Soulja Boy:

  • Have a bunch of angry Black women beat him down. He needs perspective.
  • Lock him in a room with some books. Maybe he'll read one. It's worth a shot.
  • Send him to Africa.
  • Have Africans beat him down.
  • Leave him in Africa for a long time without access to his money, Youtube, or his "ice".
  • Have the Africans beat him down again.
  • Never allow him to return to America.

No, seriously. someone needs to whoop his ass.

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  1. This ignorant and degrading negro! I am ashamed to be apart of the same generation as this fool.
    Anyway...he really does need to whooped Joe Jackson-Mommy Dearest-"Southern Big Momma"-style!

  2. Wow. Wowww. That's just sad and embarrassing and shameful all at the same time. So ignorant.
    Right now, this doesn't make me mad. Right now I just feel sorry for him.

  3. AMEN!! I definitely agree with you. His music fits just like him: Dumb, ignorant, and annoying. I'm only 14 and I know ALL about my ancestors, historical figures, and about REAL music. Not only because I am being raised in a household being taught all about everything: politics, ancestry, and all sorts of other things. I like REAL music, not the garbage that not only Soulja boy puts out, but many other artists. By the way, I love your site!

  4. I am hereby excusing myself to say anything about this topic since it would include things that are both incriminating and are of homicidal intent.
    I would like to have dibs on being first in line to beat his ass.
    Maybe we can start a lottery.

  5. Can we give Autumn a soul clap. This young lady is 14 and sounds far more intelligent than many of my peers.
    I can't even be mad at him. It's not his fault he is ignorant, no one bothered to educate him. It's obvious his parents failed to teach him what it means to be black. He isn't the only young African American without a clue. Throughout high school and even college I've witnessed a teacher/professor ask a young African American where their family comes from and they would respond with a "IDK...Harlem" or "IDK....Bed-Stuy maybe", not having a clue that their family roots are in the South. Many are totally unaware of the fact that they are descendants of slave. Needless to say, Soulja isn't alone.
    I think BET should get involved and educate Soulja Boy. It would be nice to see Soulja Boy sit down with Cornel West on 106 & Park and receive a history lesson. This will not only educate Soulja boy but all his ignorant @$$ peers watching the show.

  6. @khalid: I think talking to Cornel West for several hours is a suitable punishment, actually. 🙂

  7. "The irony in all of this is that Soulja Boy doesn't realize that he himself is still a slave."

  8. this does not surprise me. I knew this fool was a dumb ass when I heard his first single...and its only dumb asses who are makin' him rich!

  9. wow he is ignorant, but the response is just dumb. here we have a kid who needs to be schooled and we blame him for his lack of schooling. This is a chance for some one to offer to take this kid under their wing and teach him what school obviously hasnt. This wasnt the statements of a grown man how should know better. If anybody needs to be beat on its his parents and any adult that stood there and let him say this without correction.

  10. As many of us thinking right now...pray for him...

  11. Umm. I'm not sure I can get down with feeling sorry for him or praying for him or blaming everyone around him, especially since he is 18 now, which means he is legally an adult. he's past the point of not being held accountable for his shit. I am tired of the glorification of willful ignorance. But you're never too old to get popped in the mouth. I'm only sayin'.

  12. I'm just shocked, appalled, and saddened. HIS parents should be ashamed...truly ashamed. this is the latest of his tom foolery and it's just pitiful and scary. Think about how many other in his generation are that ignorant?! Like you said Nova, he really doesn't realize the slavery that he is in! I'm just saddened and frustrated...what's my responsibility to educate Soulja Boy and others like him as someone who knows better? That's the thought that runs through my head...that and if I ever see him, he'd get popped in the jaw (LOL).

  13. This is the kinda of uckery-fay that makes me worried for my daughters. Nova, I would like to buy tickets to your lottery but we'd have to include T-Pain in this beatdown too.

  14. "The irony in all of this is that Soulja Boy doesn't realize that he himself is still a slave" YES YES YES. There is nothing more to say about this uneducated/miseducated fool.

  15. It's interesting to me that "angry Black women" and the mystical Africans are the ones chosen to be responsible for beating Soulja Boy to his senses. Even in a joke, Black men aren't called on to educate/save/give perspective to their own.
    Maybe somebody he knows will be compelled to prevent his ignorance from deepening. Poppin him in the mouth ain't gonna help.

  16. @ Bianca,
    I think you may have missed nOva's point in appropriating ABW & Africans to beat some sense into Soulja Boy. Who better to school someone than the groups he is intent on offending, so easily and with no regard to their history as being treated less than human?
    I also agree with nOva that I refuse to pray for someone like this. God helps those who help themselves. Soulja Boy with all of his money has not ever done anything to help those less fortunate. And him being young or young-minded is no excuse.
    Myself being an ABW, I feel that popping him in the mouth is more than deserved. Sometimes that is the only way to get through to people as stupid as this.
    Lastly, KRS-One/ a/k/a "The Teacha" better say something to this kid because if he does not, I will never respect him again.

  17. that's ridiculous and kanye(diamons from sierre leone himself) sided with him too, he must be mad now

  18. His parents should be ashamed, he should be ashamed, we as a people should be ashamed. 18 years old and dumb as a rock, I dont blame the school system as much as I blame his parents.

  19. Poor Dumb Kid...He has alot to learn. He might be legally an adult but he has a kid mentality. I suspect someone will pull him aside and tell him the arrow of his ways and expect an apology very soon.

  20. i agree w/dj hyjak ...the boy needs to be educated, not beaten like a slave. at least beat the boy with the Bible or an encyclopedia.
    you can't fight ignorance with ignorance...refer to his battle with ice-t
    @ill mami...WOW...everyone needs to be prayed, me, and especially soulja

  21. Yeah ya'll can pray for him and hope someone tries to educate him at this late stage as he continues to degrade and demean our culture with statements like that. Kids today are reckless and that is the larger issue. They aren't trying to hear nobody's consciousness. Sometimes people are so far gone, so arrogant and unrepentant that they can no longer be regarded as victims. The reason our kids no longer respect us is because we are constantly making excuses for them instead of holding them accountable. There have to be repercussions to certain actions. We cannot constantly focus our efforts to educate and support young adults that will take advantage of and disregard us. There comes a point where they are no longer the result of the problem but a contributing factor. He needs to be taken down a peg or two, THEN "educated" and prayed for.

  22. I agree with a lot of the comments that have been made....his comment just reinforce the current condition of hip hop is a kid that made millions off of his stupid superman song and dance while disrespecting women all at once and then he comes out and makes this comment...cant be surpsising to most of us...and yes and i also agree that Toure' couldve educated him but i hope that a BLACK MAN could pull on that young mans coatails and educate him on a thing or too...

  23. I agree with Tip, that while he is legally an adult by being 18, he has the mentality of a 12 year old. That makes a difference in my opinion. Becuz even though he clearly didn't get proper schooling at school, home or otherwise, he doesn't even possess the common sense to understand why his comments and lyrics are so offensive and upsetting that I want him to fall off the earth of entertainment. Remember this dude also made a song where he said "Throw some D's on It!" in reference to report cards, so even if others try to educate him, would he even take it? Is this what my children will be up against? I hope Kanye (and any other artist for that matter) regrets supporting him as some young, creative voice that hip-hop needs. If he never picked up a book and had at the very least listened to the lyrics from diamonds are forever, he'd have an inkling of understanding why jokingly glorifying slavery, 'ice', or anything else regarding our ancestry is horribly wrong.

  24. Is it too late for him? I sure hope not. He honestly needs to come live in my home w/me for about 6 months. I would change his whole life perspective/religion/worldviews. Better yet, he needs to live in my father's house for a week...he'd be a different boy.
    This level of ignorance is actually frightening as all get out. I am so glad I've done a decent job w/my kids, because its not the school's fault/responsibility. Parents/guardians are the primary teachers and it's painfully obvious that nobody has done a damn thing w/this boy.

  25. As an educator i.e. certified history/African American Studies teacher...I can say that this is only what our black babies around America believe. He just has a mic to talk into. I'm from Ohio...pretty well populated...but not the highest by far. Now...ask yourself what's going on in New Orleans, South Bronx, Oakland, Dade County Florida, Detroit, South Side Chicago....etc.
    Beating a kid or calliing him stupid does what? It turns him away from the person beating him....i.e. a Slave to a Slave Master. What needs to happen is Toure' to pick his jaw up...turn off the digital recorder and have a real conversation with this young man.
    Hip Hop from its inception has had ignorance, the difference was that for every Uncle Luke there was a Chuck D. For every Too Short there was a KRS. For every NWA there was a Natve Tongues.
    To ridicule our young people does not endear them to what we have to say, it just turns us off and reinforces the notion that us "old folks" (I'm 29) don't understand.
    One last point...for those students of different is what he is saying from the words of Phyllis Wheatley who wrote "Twas Mercy brought me from my Pagan land, Taught my benighted soul to understand...

  26. Love you for telling it like it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Keep it up!!!!
    Trina B.

  27. I didn't even know about this. Good post. I'll join the mob of angry black women 🙂 Anyway, I'm not sure how I found this site, but I'm glad I did. It rocks, keep up the great work!

  28. Maddd props to you. personally, i Hate this fool and i think he celebrates ignorance and should be banned from anything that resembles Music. and whoever controls him takes advantage of ignorant people and should be shot. Props to slavemasters.... how can Anybody respect or even take him seriously

  29. I am ashamed to say that I am a member of his generation. However, Soulja Boy does not speak or maintain the views of the majority of young people (despite what many older people may believe, not all of us are idiots and some of us know about our history and how important it is to remember where we came from). Soulja Boy needs some education and some knowledge of who he is in order to truly garner some type of self respect. Unfortunately, he has turned into a product of his environment, that promotes "Bling Bling" as the indicator of success and (even more disheartening), the only way that most young Black people think it is attainable is through the music industry. The media needs to stop promoting this false ideal of success. But we as a generation also need to educate ourselves on who we is a double edged sword.

  30. of the best articles ever! I love candid and unfortunately so true. Poor, stupid little Soulja Boy was trying to say something creative...but he's clearly out of touch with The Creator. He needs to remove the "soul" from his name...he is sacrificing his. His comments clearly show that he is just a stupid little boy so we'll let him keep that part. What a loser...