KRS-One Is Latest Victim of Alz-rhyme-ers

krs-one_crazy.jpgKRS-One a/k/a "The Teacha" has decided to offer his opinion about the materialism and lack of creativity in Hip Hop.  While at this year's VH1 Hip Hop Honors, KRS stated that "The youth today, the majority, are not seeking authenticity" and "You cannot be rich and continue to produce raw Hip Hop." That's very nice for you to notice KRS-One, but weren't you the same person who welcomed Soulja Boy to Hip Hop? And as much as I want to love you like I used to and think you haven't come down with a bad case of Alz-rhyme-ers, you can't welcome Soulja Boy, the pied piper of materialism and inauthenticity in Hip Hop and then criticize Hip Hop for clutching materialism and inauthenticity to its collective breast at the same time. That's like saying Jesus was Black but then turn around and pray with Jerry Fallwell. I was slow to accept the fact that Kris Parker gave his approval of 50 Cent saying he brought the "boom bap" a year ago. In actuality, I pushed it to the recesses of my mind and just forgot about. But now, I just want whoever the aliens are who are responsible for KRS-One's lobotomy and desire to still speak loudly and sound like a hypocrite to give his brain tissue back. Now. [H/T: HHDX]

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3 Responses

  1. KRS is like Jesse Jackson........full of shit. Wasnt KRS the very same dude that physically attacted the fat kid from PM Dawn back in the day? I mean this cat, a so call pioneer of stop the violence ACTUALLY started the physical beef in hip hop, for that I say the big crab shoe nose bastard should chill out and stop hating on these young cats. Yeah the rap game is more messed up then ever before but unless you have a cure for ails hip hop, shut the EFF up Blastmaster KRS (Kris is Really Stupid)

  2. Attacked the fat kid from PM Dawn:) my bad I was so heated typing this I lost it:)

  3. since stoneyisland brought it up, the thing that kills me is that after Kris pushed Prince Be off the stage, he had the nerve to perform "i'm still #1" to a totally bewildered crowd THAT HAD COME TO SEE P.M. DAWN. of course, some might suggest that Prince Be had it comin' when he questioned KRS1's "Teacher" status. so i suppose it all depends what side of the argument you're on. but yeah, the brother's been known to have his share of contradictions.