Latest In Q-Tip News: Rocking A Backpack, Reminiscing Over Tribe Tracks, Documentary In The Works

Q-Tip has been a busy fellow lately. When not traversing the country hosting listening parties for his new album The Renaissance which drops November 4th a/k/a "Obama Day" according to The Abstract or confirming rumors that he used to date Nicole Kidman (*shudder*), he has been giving some insight lately into his creative process both past and present. For all you true A Tribe Called Quest fans, Q-Tip has confirmed that there is a Nas-produced, Michael Rappaport-directed documentary in the works about the legendary Queens crew . Should be a banger for sure. In the video below, Tip gives his impressions of some classic ATCQ classics from People's Instinctive Travels & The Paths of Rhythm all the way up to J Dilla joining the crew with his otherworldly production skills. Wondering what Tip's favorite Tribe track is? "Vibes & Stuff." My personal fave? "God Lives Through." What's your favorite Tribe track? We'd love to know. [H/T: RIK]

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5 Responses

  1. i have to split that between singles and album tracks. "Check the Rhime" is my single choice, because of all the memories i have surrounding the track. for an album cut selection, i am pretty sure it's "Verses from the Abstract," but who knows. there's so many gems to choose from.
    Honorable Mention: "Stressed Out" remix by Raphael Saadiq. bonkers.

  2. My favorite Tribe track just might be Jazz (We've Got) or God Lives Through.
    (or the whole Midnight Marauders album...)

  3. Sucka Nigga
    God Lives Through
    I Left My Wallet in El Segundo
    Get a Hold
    The Love
    I got too many.

  4. Yo straight no chaser Q Tip is that deal!!!! Tribe was/is that deal!!! I love what this dude does with rhyme, always have and always will. The new joint Gettin Up is sick it feels so good I almost want to cry when I hear it. It takes me back to a time when Hip Hop felt real, organic and from the heart. Q Tip's music is financially free word to Robert Kiyosaki...LOL. Tip I'm there Nov 4th.

  5. Electric Relaxation
    Jazz (We Got)
    Bonita Applebaum
    The list goes on and on, so I'll stop w/my top 3.