Melinda Doolittle Is ‘Coming Back to You’ Next Year

And now for some good news from a former American Idol finalist. This from Season 6 contestant Melinda Doolittle, who came in third place behind both eventual winner Jordin Sparks and runner-up Blake Lewis in the annual popularity contest competition. Her debut disc, entitled Coming Back to You, will finally be given the green light this coming January, with the lead single being "It's Your Love." Ms. Doolittle, who most likely was in a state of flux with production companies not knowing how to compartmentalize her sound for the longest, was no doubt helped by the current boon of artists going with the now-popular "retro" sound. And, if the single is any indication, we should expect a lot of that on her new disc. According to a recent interview posted here, Melinda says the single was originally part of the Motown catalog that was given away when the catalog was split. Her new label, Hi-Fi Recordings, now owns the catalog. Check after the bounce for a snippet of the song. [NCG/MJB]

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  1. I like her actually. She's got talent and personality. I may have to check out her finished product.-QH

  2. Thanks for the soul bounce for Our Girl, Melinda! On our recent Moments With Melinda, found on (#4 of the series), Melinda gave all of her fans an update on the debut CD, what she's been up to lately and even took calls. I heard some of the cuts while in Nashville for Melinda's solo debut at the 2008 Summer J.A.M. and Ken Barnes (USAToday IdolChatter) is on the money this time - "Melinda delivers a scorcher"! Anyone who has ever heard Melinda knows that is 100%-accurate! Our Girl is genuinely a down-to-earth person and would never brag or go the 'diva-route', so allow me to sound the trumpet: Melinda is about to show the fix-it-with-Pro Tools singers that you should never send a girl to do a W-O-M-A-N's job! 😉
    Join us at her Street Team website and be a part of music history!

  3. Good news for you Melinda Doolittle fans! She’s set to release her debut album titled, Coming Back to You on Hi-Fi Recordings in January 09. Produced by Grammy-nominated producer Mike Mangini (Joss Stone, Run DMC, The Jonas Brothers), Coming Back to You was recorded with a team of live musicians in Nashville and New York City.
    The first single, “It’s Your Love” will be released to radio in October.
    “Keep yourself updated with Melinda’s career at melindasbackups. is a web site owned by Melinda Doolittle. Melinda’s Backups™ is a non-profit supportive association inspired by Melinda and authorized by her to operate this web site on behalf of her fans.

  4. Melinda's CD "Coming Back to You" is now available for pre-ordering at Amazon!
    Come visit the Melinda Doolittle Street Team site and help in our goal to "spread the word" with special assignments and projects.

  5. Hi i am one of her backups (fan) Melinda are a wonderful person. DId you know that Melinda own a website for her Fans? melindasbackups. website you are all welcome to join us and support your number 1#

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  10. Melinda live. Something not to be missed!