Michelle Obama Is In Camp ‘David’

Camp Anthony David, that is. In an extensive interview with Marie Claire magazine, Michelle Obama--the woman who is poised to be the nation's first-ever African American First Lady--was asked about everything from stress to the bailout mess. She told interviewer Abigail Pesta her routine for dealing with stress, which includes firing up the iPod and hopping on her bike and riding with her daughters along Chicago's Lake Michigan. The erstwhile reporter then asks the obvious follow-up question: What's in your iPod? Her response:

"I have a pretty eclectic mix of everything, from Beyoncé to
Stevie Wonder. He's my favorite artist of all time, so I probably have
every song he's ever recorded. But if I hear something I like
somewhere, I'll add it. I just heard this CD by Anthony David, who's an
R&B guy -- I put him on there. That's brand new, so I'm kind of
enjoying that a lot now. I also have some old Mariah Carey; the girls
have reintroduced me to some of her older stuff. So I have a good mix:
some pop, some R&B, some jazz."

Now that's a choice we can believe in. And let's us know in addition to displaying great fashion sense, poise and grace amidst it all, Mrs. Obama also displays great taste in music. A.D., stand up!

Michelle Obama Keeps It Real [MC]

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3 Responses

  1. A real black women, thats all I can say about this educated, classy, beautiful sista. To think she never had to pose half ass naked in XXK or KIng magazine, to get to where she is........................Michelle and Dr. Mae Jemison have got a brother wide open:)

  2. Now just for a split second ..... just a split second....
    .....didn't you feel like she was gonna say "....So I have a good mix: some pop, some R&B Sh*t, some jazz .

  3. Well, Alrighty then, Ms. Michelle!!
    That was a good one, Harlem--thanks for sharing that good news!


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