Morning Soul: True

  • Ludacris interviews, er, Chris Bridges about um, their upcoming movie, Max Payne. I wish I were making this up. [YT]
  • Want more? Fiddy has a new reality TV show. Insert blank stare. [NR]
  • How about this? Billboard is set to announce Ciara as their "Woman of the Year." Clearly they're basing their vote on preview screenings of Mama, I Want to Sing the rest of us haven't seen. I'm just sayin'. [SR]
  • Get your Borders discount cards ready, people: Eminem is now an author! Next thing you know, he'll be voted Greatest Living MC by an online poll. Oh, wait. [WH]
  • And finally, Kanye West had a lot of rules while creating the upcoming 808s & Heartbreak: more Auto-Tune, less rapping. Ugh. Hopefully, we won't have to rule out the finished product. [MTV]

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2 Responses

  1. Awwwwww yeah, 'bout time we got some Bahamadia up in this joint! Very underrated female rapper. Can put in my request now for her True Honey Buns video for post at a later date?

  2. so basically, I need to lick two shots inna de air for this Morning Soul pick.