Phonte Gets Soulful With Jazzanova

phonte_wall.jpgI know that everyone is caught up in the rapture of Foreign Exchange's recent release and rightfully so, but I want to bring another project to everyone's attention also featuring Phonte that hits the streets on Tuesday, October 21st. That's the release date for the new Jazzanova album, Of All the Things. I was open from the first track on the latest disc from the collective of German-based DJs and producers, which features Tay Gravy proclaiming his love for his lady on the soulful uptempo cut "Look What You're Doin' To Me." Between the percussion and guitar work, the instrumentation on this song is crazy, but it's Phontigallo's vocals that drive it for me. With each song I hear of his, Deacon Tigglesworth is becoming a better and better singer. If he wasn't such a dope MC, I would just want to hear his melodic stylings all the time. But Tigallo hasn't left rhyming behind at all, and he even guests on another track on the CD that showcases his signature flow. But until you get Of All the Things into your hands next week to hear it, snap your fingers, polish up your dancing shoes and get down with this one right now.

Jazzanova feat. Phonte: "Look What You're Doin' To Me"

Jazzanova [MySpace]

Phonte [MySpace]

Jazzanova Of All the Things Available on 10/21 [Amazon]

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15 Responses

  1. I can see phonte eventually doing a non rap album, him and Andre 3000 should do a double album colabo

  2. I LOOOOVE IT!!!!

  3. Thanks for the tip. I've been waiting to find out when that Jazzanova would drop!!

  4. I swear Stylus should be banned. LMAO!
    This whole album is the hotness. From begining to end. When it was placed in my hand (HWSBB - he who should be banned) told me I was just blessed with some greatness. He ain't neva lied.
    That's a nice pic of the man who has more pseudonyms than a little bit.

  5. Oh my god!!

  6. That joint is HOT. Butta, hook a brotha' up with that MP3 file.....pleeeease. 🙂

  7. Thats Phonte on the vocals ? Wow.. That sounds better than 89.7% of the "R&B" Singers out there. Nice track too. Keep it comming mane. Good post Butta

  8. Avatar

    Dam I need this song for my radio show....BBBBBUUUUUTTTTTAAAA!!!

  9. Ooh! I love this!

  10. This is completely hotness! Phonte is THE MAN!!

  11. Lawd, I NEEEEEEEED this is my life! Love it, love it, love it!!!!
    Now THIS is a retro sound done right. Wowzeewowzeewoowooooo!

  12. Wow. That reminds me of a Hall n Oates joint with some Stanley Clarke or George Benson.
    Phonte has always been nice. Foreign Exchange stays playin on my decks. And you heard the last Little Brother album, right? That joint "When Everything is Young Fresh and New".. Phonte rips that. He's always had a dope voice. Gospel background.
    Why do I know the harmony to the hook so well?? "...what cha doin ta meeee..." Someone tell me please.

  13. Any chance of coppin that mp3 Butta? I have a gig friday in L.A. and need to drop that. Never fret though because I am so old and dusty I still buy wax on the regular and believe as a Jazzanova fan, this one is surely to be added to the collecion.