Sarah White’s ‘Fade’ Gets Nicely Remixed

sarah_white_colorblock-thumb-473x470.jpgNot too long ago, we put you onto a Bounce-Worthy artist whose music you were definitely feeling. Sarah White was described by some of you as a "beautiful chica" and possessed an "acoustic elegance swathed in sweet spiced soul." As most music released these days gets reworked, chopped and/or screwed, so the same goes Sarah White's "Fade." Remixed by JTodd, this version of "Fade" admittedly has an unusually long introduction courtesy of a sampling of Ron Isley's voice Idris Muhammad, but once the beat switches up into Ronnie Laws' "Tidal Wave," you realize that it's a perfect fit for a song that previously evoked Summer with its bossa-nova beat. This remix, however, evokes more of a contemplative mood that seems perfect for Fall. Thanks to Wrong Lips for the link

Sarah White: "Fade" (JTodd Remix)

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2 Responses

  1. Dope post and song. Just for reference, the song sample is not Ron Isley. It is the opening to a song called "Could Heaven Ever Be Like This" by Idris Mohammed. Its one of the dopest songs in the world (in my humble opinion) and definitely a dance floor classic.

  2. Thanks Carlos for the tip. And you're right. Idris Muhammad is amazing. If we we're playing Name That Beat you would have won 😀


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