Slim Gets A Little More ‘Fly’ With A Remix & Release Date


As we await 11/18 for Slim Scandrick's Love's Crazy, here's yet another remix of his single "So Fly." He's recruited Faith Evans for the "official remix," adding fuel to the rumor of him snagging her for his label. Also on board is Big Boi. So, what can we say? Well, Faith sounds different than what we're used to. But all is forgiven, since she seems to address her ever-so patient fans with "You said you missed me, well here I am / I know that ya'll don't hear me much / Don't get it twisted, I ain't lost my touch." Additionally, we'll take Big Boi over Yung Joc and Shawty Lo any day. Check out the Love's Crazy tracklisting after the track.

Slim Love's Crazy tracklist:

She Got That
Good Lovin - (featuring Ryan Leslie)
So Fly - (featuring Yung Joc/Shawty Lo)
Baby Yu (Interlude)
So Gone - (featuring Faith Evans)
Sweet Baby
Heels On - (featuring Yung Berg/Deezo)
Bedtime Stories
U Got Me (Addicted)
Don't Say It
Leave U Alone
More (Interlude)
Love's Crazy

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7 Responses

  1. I love love love this song. I wonder why this is not catching on. It's has soooo much more flavor and is inarguable loads more authentic hip-hop soul than most of the crap these others "r&b artists" are doling out. Ok ok I will get off my soapbox now. Thanks Slim, Faith and Big Boi!!!!

  2. @Sho...the song def gets play here in Florida where I live. its totally caught on. I like this remix better than the version with Shawty Lo and Joc.

  3. I must admit, I wasnt a huge fan of this song. Slim's sing songy whispers just didnt sound quite right to me. But adding Faith just made me a fan of the remix.

  4. Now this is a remix. Faith sounds good as hell. Come back quick, girl!

  5. man i wasnt feeling the album version but this remix is OFF THE CHAIN..god i miss Faith

  6. i think 112 should just re-unite..they were the hotest man group out for a while..especially when they were with bad boy!

  7. Damn I saw the picture and thought this was Young Buck with a shave:)