This is Your Brain On Sy Smith

Ever wonder what a video of Sy Smith looking fierce and singing against a stark black background would look like? Wonder no more because
that very video is here with the release of her new clip for the song "Conflict (This Is Your Brain On Drugs)." This video isn't high concept and it doesn't even have a plot, but instead it allows you to focus on the singer and her song. Smith is an expressive character who easily engages the viewer with multiple renderings of herself. At the conclusion of the almost five-minute video is a wink and nod to the old "This Is Your Brain on Drugs" commercials that many of us will remember, with Sy adding her own irreverent twist.


2 Responses

  1. I like this!!

  2. love the song. vid is only okay...
    LOVING the tunic she has on... would love to know where she copped that! lol


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