Tracks by Whitney, Diddy & Ja Rule Make Blender’s ’50 Worst Songs Ever’ List is well on its way to becoming the most hated site on the Internets, and I don't even work there! (Call me.) The same folks that dared decree that Tupac is overrated have compiled a list of what they consider some of the most reprehensible songs ever. Lead by a firm "Some have crap-tastic melodies. Others are wretchedly performed. And quite a few don't make any sense whatsoever," the list is a veritable cornucopia of corniness, over-hype and gross misrepresentation (in the form of Vanilla Ice and Gerardo). Diddy's tribute to Biggie, "I'll Be Missing You" comes in at #25, with the editors branding it "a nauseating brew of gloopy sentimentality and strategic-marketing mawkishness." Agreed! Ja Rule and Ashanti's "Mesmerized" made #45, and while I would push them a little higher on the list for general purpose, I don't even remember what that joint sounds like. But the inclusion that is sure to grind a few gears is Nippy's "Greatest Love of All" in at #30: "Backed by a piano and what may or may not be a high-school symphony, Whit is at her proto-Mariah overexuding best, belting out platitudes about the joys of loving oneself above all others." Is that a bad thing? [Blender]

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  1. I hated that song at the time because I liked George Benson's version better, in fact I was initially a bit sniffy about Whitters period. Now I think we should treasure (almost), every one of the (relatively), few songs she recorded, no matter how bombastic. Whatever you think about the song everyone sure took it to heart, nowadays we need a song about loving thy neighbour a bit more and your self a bit less but I digress... Actually, yes, keep it on the list, it still annoys me but not as much as Wishing on a Star or If You're Looking for a Way Out or anything at all by Boney M.


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