What If Mos Def Were Elected President This November?

mosdefobama.jpgAmong many questions in life that need answering, "What if Mos Def were President of the United States?" is like number...let's say 4321. It's right before "If y ∝ ∫ab x2 dx, then should we stop waiting on a new D'Angelo album?" Still, it's a good question because he's got some great answers in this video. President Def would get rid of the Electoral College, start Malcolm X University and give us Universal Healthcare. More importantly, however, than any of this is that he would put a moratorium on phrases like in the club, droppin' it like it's hot, and, thankfully, shawty. Running on a platform of discontinuing usage of tired slang would likely result in a landslide victory. If he added swagger to that, he might even snag the battleground SoulBounce constituency. [GD/NH]

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  1. I like the mandatory community service idea