What Would Conya Doss Do?

Conya Doss is both a fantastic vocalist and a stunning beauty and now we get to see the independent soul diva in all her glory in the new video for the cut "What I'd Do."
The video starts out with Conya and her man having a heated phone conversation about her not being there for him as she's about to go on stage. Talk about bad timing. Conya lets her sweetie know that he needs to understand that this is the life that she leads and he knew this when they got together. The rest of the video chronicles their courtship and shows the couple in happier times before reuniting in the end. Conya is as gorgeous as ever and sounds just as good on this song.


5 Responses

  1. Sista is sho nuff bad reminds me of a young Roberta Flack......I'm a scoop up her album.

  2. nice song 🙂 conya doss is a real nice soul singer, i wish she was promoted more!

  3. Conya-is one of my favorite artist right now! She is so talented. Wish she got more love.

  4. Love the video! I hope it helps Conya get the exposure & recognition she's overdue for!

  5. Ms Doss is one of the best female vocalists out there at the moment ... its a shame she dosn't get more exposure.
    To see how good she is check out 'Starship' from her debut (a cover of the Dazz Band's You Are My Starship)... fantastic