Who is More ‘Beautiful’? Tweet or Meshell?

tweet_meshell.jpgBeauty is the subject of so many songs that it can easily be overlooked, particularly when it's done by women. In their respective, tender and, well, beautiful versions of "Beautiful" both Tweet and Meshell Ndegeocello sing to the objects of their amorous gaze. From Southern Hummingbird, Tweet's version is more lofty and floating, with harmonies dancing around the piano and woodwinds, held together by a steady beat that comes in after the first chorus. Meshell, in her luscious, deep voice keeps it short and simple in her version off of Bitter; she doesn't mess around with too many words or much instrumentation. Their individual takes on beauty are wonderful, taking different roads to the same end that would make any one of us blush and fall deeper if we were the recipients of such flattery.

So, whose is more "Beautiful," Tweet's or Meshell's?

Tweet: "Beautiful"

Meshell Ndegeocello: "Beautiful"

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22 Responses

  1. I love me some Meshell and I own all her wonderful albums, but I have to give this one to Tweet. I still play this song all the time. The harmonies leave me speechless.

  2. Just two different songs. Both, IMHO are beautiful! MeShell's sensually deep voice can not be reckoned with. Tweet's melodious vocals are just on the opposite end of the spectrum. To me, MeShells song is more melancholy - kinda like that beauty you can't touch sounds like she's 'wanting'. Where as Tweet sounds like she is wrapped up in love. That's my 10 cents (can a sista get some change? LOL)

  3. have to give it to meshell; you can feel the longing and wonderment in her voice.

  4. Meshell. I love the longing and simplicity in her voice.

  5. Tweet got this one. This is one of the best song off that cd...

  6. I still bump Tweet's first album to this day. The duet she had with Bilal? Niceness.
    "Beautiful" is still one of my favorite tracks from this album ever. Meshell's "Beautiful" is a little too sad for me.

  7. Gotta go with Meshell on this one. You pretty much nailed it on the deep, luscious voice.

  8. Meshell's version reminds me of early morning love making, it's gentle. sweet, innocent.....................

  9. er . . . both, with a third vote going to Ro for the deliciously beautiful words that make up this post.

  10. The harmonies alone on tweet makes it one of the best songs. I still pump that album like it just dropped. I actually didint fully appreciate bitter until about 2 yrs after I bought it

  11. WOW...2 of my fave songs going head to head........I can't make a decision! BUT...for some slow lovemaking....,I'm gonna go wit Meshell.

  12. slight edge to Tweet.

  13. Tweet really does her thing on these harmonies man, every time! I never would've guessed 'Oops (Oh My)' chick would end up being one of my favorite songstresses. Voice like a summer breeze.
    Love, Tweet Dec, 9th?

  14. Tweet really does her thing on these harmonies man, every time! I never would've guessed 'Oops (Oh My)' chick would end up being one of my favorite songstresses. Voice like a summer breeze.
    Love, Tweet Dec, 9th?

  15. @MuseSik: Yeah, we'll see about that release date.

  16. My work computer is acting up so I can't listen to meshelle's version, which I've never heard. I hate to make a biased decision so i won't, but for the record i LOVE tweet's beautiful, always have always will! The song had me from the intro chords..

  17. Of Course Me'Shell...! 😉

  18. Meshell for me. I've never heard the Tweet song before and it's very nice. I love Meshell's voice and the way she says "can i kiss u there" makes me pause.

  19. Most of these comparisons get a "No Contest" vote from me, but this one was tougher. I loooooooooooove me some MeShell, but I'm gonna give this one to Tweet. Admittedly weak for the vocal harmonies, I've been bumping Tweet's song for years. But both songs are very well-done.

  20. I Love both of these ladies but I'm going to have to give it to.......
    Meshell! No doubt she became that song...not just sang that song lol

  21. both equally powerful, earnest in their conveyances, and aurally delicious.... i must say they are both winners in my books but TWEET's version took the cake... and not just because I am practically her cousin-in-law LOL.... i like that Miss Charlene's version is actually a tribute to her great-grandmother as well as an enduring tale of romantic rapture


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