ZOMG! Kanye is So Progressive and Innovative With His ‘Lion King’ Stageshow Extras!

Kanye West just premiered his video for "Love Lockdown" on the Ellen Degeneres Show. Upon first hearing the track, we imagined the video would be something solemn and simple like "Can't Tell Me Nothing" with just a touch of the retro-futurism of "Stronger." But Kanye is known mostly for taking one's expectations and going completely left if not totally crapping on them. "Love Lockdown" is Coming to America meets Zion from The Matrix meets The Watchmen meets random technicolored hardbodies feeling all on each other. Score! Kanye's surprise album 808s & Heartbreak drops 11/25, just in time for some hot ham!

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  1. Kanye West is incredible. His ego is what makes him great, he is unapologetic, authentic, and has enormous vision. He thinks outside of the box, and he is the only hip-hop artist who can be considered "mainstream" who keeps pushing the movement forward.
    Too bad Lauryn Hill can't parlay her ego into this kind of work.

  2. Hmmmm. White kitchen, white living room, tribal dances. Yes, it all makes sense, Kanye! NOT!
    Don't get me wrong, I dig artistic expression. Hell, I majored in Art & Design, but this one got waddled down in the mire.

  3. My stab at it:
    Love is raw. Love is elemental. The elemental origins of our existence is the motherland. I saw a juxtaposition of raw, elemental emotions that comes from when love escapes you clashing in the brain of a person in deep thought.
    The blank canvas is the apartment, the colors are the attempted explanation of the emotion.
    Colors, emotion, love....raw. Elemental.
    Deep video. Not mad it.
    Hate the vodacoder!

  4. i like the video... i really do... in terms of it being different and forward-thinking and artistic... but i can't even lie... will DEFINITELY have to google/youtube for clips/quotes/excerpts of his explanation of the video... b/c it's seeming hella random in relation to the song to me

  5. @Fredric: Interesting take. So explain the girl on girl tribal action going on?

  6. I can't help but feeing like this is exactly the type of speculation that Kanye wanted. In short, this video makes no sense. AT ALL. It looks like he's trying to pay homage to too many things, and it just doesn't make sense.
    IMO just because something is all juxtaposed and nonsensical with white walls does not make it great.
    Duran Duran + David Bowie + Coming To America = WTF is this?

  7. I get the concept - white, cold, closed feel of the house (which is what the song is about). Also, the tribal aspect fits because of the raw emotion (good call, Fredric) - depicting his fight between what he wants and what he is creating instead. I can dig it.
    Now the girl on girl action - yeah that was just a sexual part to get someone's attention in case they were snoozing. Lol.
    I still love the song, although the live version is my overall favorite of all the versions I've heard. And yeah, I still hate the vocoder.
    Anyone else think Kanye is lookin' skinny?

  8. @ill Mami: After "Flashing Lights", I got to a point where I decided nothing this man does warrants any level of speculation or interpretation because it's not that deep, honestly. I mean, I look at a video as simple as "All Falls Down" and I am more prone to sit and think about why certain choices were made in that video. But I hesitate to give this brother too much credit in the case of this one. I couldn't even begin to break this video down because I do not care if any of the elements visually represented here mean anything. Even if I were to give him the benefit of being that deep or experimental I've witnessed too many other elements of his persona to take him that seriously.

  9. *blank stare* ala "The Office.

  10. A mess. I'm almost offended by the foolishness that is this video. Being different or experimental is not the same as foolishness. Grace Jones' scary video made more sense than this.

  11. The vid was fine. Not a masterpiece, not a piece of sh1t. I kinda had the same interpretation of the vid as Fredric, but by the time we got to the day-glo body-painted ladies all I was thinking of was Tribe Called Quest covers.
    And really? They sell pink topsiders? For men?

  12. Not really reaching the artistic of a quality indie short, but for entertainment value, LL gets a A. Color me impressed...

  13. Certainly not on the artistic level of a quality indie short, but for entertainment value, LL gets a B+ easily. Color me rather impressed...


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