6 Reasons Why The Roots’ Extended Break From Touring Isn’t Such A Bad Thing

We were all there when the news broke over the weekend. ?uestlove revealed that he and The Roots crew would cease touring because they were recently hired as Late Night's new house band as the show transitions from Conan O'Brien to Jimmy Fallon. This presents obvious pros and cons for fans of the group, pro being you get to see them five nights a week. The con is obviously that they won't be performing joints from their own catalog every night. We're under the impression that this news was meant to be on the hush, as there's been no official statement from the group and that YouTube where ?uestlove delivered the news has magically disappeared from the Internet (requisite OKP link is dead, too). With that being said, our partner DJ Stylus, ever the optimist, provides a list of why this "retirement" is pretty awesome. Count the ways after the bounce. And remember, you have until March to see a "real" Roots show.

I understand the pain, but there are many reasons why this is made of awesome.

[1] Brothers are gonna get an EASY paycheck. The music industry is still mad unstable, even for ground-breaking Grammy winners. These cats have earned the right to not have to bust their asses so hard to make a living.

[2] Exposure: More of the music industry and the public at large will get to know who they are. As iconic as ?uestlove is, he still gets played to the left in the entertainment biz when people have no idea who he is. And we all know how criminally underrated Black Thought is in Hip-Hop. Not to mention the poor sales record of Roots albums.

[3] This is a band that has been living on tour buses and airplanes 200+ dates a year for 17 years. Why do you think Hub left the group? These dudes have kids and families. They'll finally be able to live a normal existence.

[4] More time for writing, recording and doing outside projects. ?uestlove already has a huge rep among his musician peers and has done lots of amazing non-Roots related work. Maybe Tariq Trotter might get more opportunities like that. Captain Kirk too.

[5] They'll get even tighter from playing together 5 nights a week. I predict good things from forthcoming Roots albums.

[6] We'll still get to see them. They'll still do shows within quick striking distance of New York. The far-flung fans are the ones who will suffer.

The only downside I can think of is that Fallon ends up stinking up the spot and the show bombs.

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10 Responses

  1. I'm a ride and die with number 3, being on the road is a bitch. I travel alot in my current gig and believe me it's hard not being on the home front with your main bird and your seeds............

  2. I wouldn't be so annoyed if they were picked up by a show with a better host. Jimmy Fallon annoys me. I hated how he could never keep a straight face during SNL skits. He'd keep giggling! And his movies just aren't funny...I never bothered with that Boston film. But guess I'll give the guy a chance...he has big shoes to fill...O'Brien's HILARIOUS...and now Fallon has an awesome band behind him. Heh...hopefully the band doesn't upstage him. Good luck Fallon. Don't embarrass the Roots!

  3. Driving into work this morning..they were dropping gossip on the radio: 50 cents album is being pushed back...who cares? Chamillionaire will retire if his third album doesn't sell...really?not that pressed, but good luck to ya brother....The Roots are going to stop touring...what the HELL?!! I almost had an accident as I was driving to my parking garage....I love the Roots..(not digging Rising Down, totally, but I digress)...thankfully, after a pregnant pause, the radio guy clarified and said they'll be on Jimmy Fallon's upcoming show....okay, I can breathe again....
    I hope this is a great opportunity for them. It would be great exposure--as Dj Stylus write, let's pray Jimmy Fallon doesn't muck it up...i'd like for them to get more exposure!

  4. aw snap, this is true?? I heard this over the weekend and thought it was just a rumor!! However DJ Stylus did offer great perspective on why this is a great look for them, so thank you DJ Stylus for calming my nerves!! BTW, although it took a couple of listens (as most albums do for me), rising down TOTALLY grew on me, I love that album..

  5. i'm happy for the Roots. for all the reasons you listed, this is nothing but a good look all the way around. 215 whatup!

  6. Berry Berry interestink! The only thing that truly gives me pause about all of this is how LITTLE work Kevin Eubanks has done since leading the Tonight Show band. It's possible that The Roots will get comfy with the check and not be as prolific with their own tunes. And does this deal really include Tariq? Would be VERY curious to see how they work him into rhyming every night.
    Now...if I can just shake off any thoughts of Bamboozled and the Alabama Porch Monkeys, I'll just wait patiently to see this idea in action. LOL

  7. While I'm still LOL'ing over "ever the optimist", Stef makes some good points.
    I'm just tryna see folks win.

  8. "The far-flung fans are the ones who will suffer."Like me! I gotta go to a show ASAP, I missed them this year....TWICE.

  9. I just don't see Black Thought fitting into this picture. But perhaps that will mean we might could possibly one day someday soon get a solo album?! Huh, ya think?!
    Luckily, I saw them several times this past year, notably at the first Roots Picnic and Pre-Picnic Jam session. *sighs at the memory* As long as it's not the first and only (which I hear it won't be), I'm good.

  10. The roots haven't had a good idea since way back when they did 'Do you want more?!??!' the only thing they going was that they were a live rap crew, they make most of their money( I assume) touring Europe where a chunk of their fan base is. I don't really see how retiring is such a good idea