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jessica_tonder.jpgThere is just something about the weather turning colder than makes me yearn for darker, more introspective melodies, especially when sung by an emotional yet unaffected-sounding chanteuse. For the record, my Bjork phase is about to be in full swing over the next week or so. Here to help me and others like myself make the transition to the cocoon of melancholy is Jessica Tonder. Sounding a bit like a more soulful Beth Gibbons, lead singer of Portishead, Jessica, like many prestigious musicians before her, attended the Berklee School of Music. Her forthcoming album, The Robot & The Little Girl, finds the 22-year-old recent Atlanta transplant combining the sounds of her influences, everything from Chet Baker to Radiohead, into a steady sonic boom filled with grace and just enough edginess to keep you up at night singing the melodies. Telling you Jessica is "one-to-watch" is just too obvious. Telling you to "be prepared" when her album finally drops just might be more accurate. 

Jessica Tonder: "Art of War"

Jessica Tonder: "Detox"

Jessica Tonder [Official][MySpace]
[Photo: Christy Parry]

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6 Responses

  1. i'd buy that simply based off of that album title.

  2. is there anywhere we can download this song at?

  3. I cant find a release date. I really want to support her when this drops.

  4. To the best of my knowledge, The Robot & The Little Girl does not have a release date yet. We'll keep tabs of this and keep you all updated.

  5. For those interested, Jessica wants you to know that:
    hi! thank you so much for your support, it made me smile. My album would be available on my website after the 18th...
    www. jessicatonder. com


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