OK! So, that Prince thing. Yup, we read all about it, and it's a hot, rancid mess. We aren't sure how to process this, mainly because, when you involve religion things get a little hairy. And, personally, I'd hate to spark a discussion that has people fighting in the comments over "what the Bible says." It usually devolves into circular reasoning and hurt feelings. (I promise you I will delete any of that.) With that being said, if your spiritual beliefs are keeping you strong and positive, then you have nothing to worry about, especially where it concerns others.
Look, we love Prince. We rant about him because his madness tends to be a little heartbreaking. He's like a family member; an artist that has gifted us with some of the best music known to man. And on some level, we think he's earned the right to be the way he is. He recently turned 50, isn't wearing ass-less pants anymore and is no longer writing songs about "Head." He's settled into a new sensibility, for better or worse. Also, he might have been misquoted. Ultimately, we'll leave this one up to time, karma, and the gods. Follow the merry little links for intel, interpretations, and places for you to scream and shout. We're curious, however, about how his alter-ego Camille feels about all this. [GAWK/JEZ/SH/NY/PH]

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  1. This man was the biggest whore east of Madonna for 20 years, then he finds Jehovah and thinks he can preach to me on MY behavior?!?! Love ya, Prince, but STFU.

  2. The idea that this was a 'homophobic rant' kind of amuses me ... I don't see it as blatant homphobia, or a rant of any kind, it's just a touch ignorant and a bit stupid! (before i get comments accusing me of being homophobic or sticking up for someone who is homophobic I am actually gay myself).
    As nOva pointed out this may have been misinterpreted by the interviewer anyway so all the fuss may be about nothing. All that said, there are 2 points I would like to make:
    1. Prince is a musical genius, however his actions are at best strange, and at worst downright disrespectful of his fanbase. The whole Web Sheriff fiasco is just ridiculous.
    2. EVERYONE is entitled to their beliefs, religious or otherwise (personally im an atheist but lets not get bogged down). However when those beliefs manifest themselves as predjudice against a person or group, a boundary has been crossed! Religion should not be afforded a 'special status' where views or opinions that are based on it cannot be challenged simply because they are religious in nature. Religious views should be open to just as much dissection and discussion as those with a political or personal underpinning.
    I hope this dosn't turn into a tit-for-tat arguement between gay and religious readers of this blog!

  3. As long as Prince doesn't start holding church revivals in the front yard of Paisley Park Studios, then I'm content with just granting him a brief side-eye. 'Coz Lord knows what he and Morris Day and Jerome got up to back in the day........yeah, dammit, I said it. LOL. There was *sugar* all in the tank of NPG, the Revolution, the Time..... LOLOLOL

  4. Color me confused (well not ‹em›"confused"‹/em› lol) butt (yes with 2 t's)...I thought Wince liked 'the Pee-pee'. No matter, we're all entitled to our beliefs. Like I believe she would never turn down some good danky! ahhaha

  5. i don't know that Prince was "preaching" or at all being hateful with what was allegedly said. i think he was just stating what he believes, which we all have the right to do. i don't believe what he said came from a hateful place. why is this story snowballing while an rapper like Trick Trick can make statements that imply that he might just go on a shooting rampage against homosexuals any second? where's the outrage regarding that and all of the blatant hatred towards gays in hip-hop? because Trick Trick is a nobody, does that make it any less wrong? the way i see it, what Prince (or anyone else) feels or says has no real bearing on anything. it's not necessarily going to change a single thing, so there's no need for anyone to get up in arms. people need to man up and stop having a heart attack anytime someone (celebrity or not) says something that you don't agree with. but if you are going to speak out, you need to do so consistently. otherwise it just comes off as fake outrage.
    and what's with some of y'all acting like you know Prince, now or ever? aren't you attempting to pass judgment on him, the very thing you are accusing him of?

  6. Prince has always sort of been mute about gay rights, despite his flirtation with everyone's ideals about him concerning himself, or members of his various groups.
    I don't think Prince is homophobic, nor would be foolish enough to say something like that.-QH

  7. I don't think for a second that he was misquoted. The New Yorker's fact-checking team is the best, bar none, in the business.
    He inartfully expressed his true thoughts.
    He's also a 50-year-old unmarried man with two failed marriages, so I'd take anything he says about marriage or what God does or wants from human marriages with a boulder-sized grain of salt.

  8. OH COME ON! This is Prince you're talking about. This is a guy who still has hair better than your momma, wears stilettos better than your sister, and who recently performed with Wendy and Lisa (life partners), and now he's homophobic because he states his beliefs. AGAIN...COME ON! Now he's supposed to be a closet Christian. That's insane.