Is This New McDonald’s Ad Tired? Or Whimsical?

Grown Man R&B lives! Oh wait, this isn't a new Avant video? It's a Black man singing about McNuggets? Ugh. It's the '80s all over again, only this time "Calvin" isn't visiting Burger King on his lunch break. Man, this is corny! At least he's not singing in Auto-Tune.


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  1. See i don't know nOva...I think they're actually making fun of the music that's out there (and damn if I didn't think this was an Avant or Joe video for the first 15 secs). So then, I don't know whether I should laugh with them or be offended. Everytime I see the commenrical I get really confused....

  2. i saw this today, and thought much of the same. this is about a half-step better than MC Hammer rapping and dancing for popcorn chicken. what's so funny is from afar, i thought it was Ne-Yo. they could've at least brought a real singer.

  3. This commercial is horrible. It doesn't make me want McNuggets, it makes me want to never listen to mainstream radio again.
    I must say that at least this commercial isn't as bad as the McDonald's "hittin' that" commercial, where they completely misused the slang term by associating it with food.

  4. I actually laughed my butt off at this commercial. I thought it gave a great depiction of how corny and uninspiring music videos are and especially how terrible commercial R&B has become.

  5. i am offended...

  6. It's just a joke people!

  7. Call me goofy because when I initially saw this commercial, I CTFU and then called somebody else and told them to look out for it. I really dont think they are trying to be offensive or to make people think about the lack of creativity in R&B. I think they were just trying to be funny...period.
    Just my opinion though.

  8. It made me chuckle... Just reminded me of the many times I heard a song on the radio and wondered who this was singing and as I paid more attention realized it was actually just a commercial. Its humor, I dont think it was trying to make any profound statements.

  9. Now THAT was funny! In that "oh my goodness this is so corny that I can't help but laugh" sort of way!

  10. Funny as hell, looks like a music video at first.

  11. You have the find the positive in the the negative......The negative is the obvious stereotype............The positive? this brother has a job and wont be breaking in my home or car:) LMAO As the songs goes " you have to accentuate the positive Eliminate the negative Latch on to the affirmative Don't mess with Mister In-Between ...

  12. Personally, I think r&b music is culturally retarded; so, i found this ad to be hilarious. R&B should be mocked on a daily basis.

  13. Personally, I think r&b music is culturally retarded; so, I found this ad to be hilarious. R&B should be mocked on a daily basis. It's a free country, and if someone want's to make fun of, and offend a group, genre, or whatever, they are free to do so.

  14. Man, people (nOvaMatic ) still have Hate in their blood. wow! You can say what you want about the ad, but it is about opening up doors to a successful career. So what he is singing about Mcnuggets - Mcdonalds is a Global, Billion dollar corporation. You seem to be 1 of a handful who has a problem with it. All in all, the writers, creators and actors in the commercial may have more money and opportunity than you. Get over it!

  15. Seriously, auto-tune mighta been a come up.

  16. At what point did i indicate I had a problem with it? I called it corny and kept it moving. Its not that deep.

  17. And watermelon is a delicous fruit:)

  18. Corny...quite full..of corn

  19. Who is this guy? Is that is voice or what

  20. Who is this guy? Is he singing for real?

  21. Is that this guys voice?