John Legend is The Latest Victim of Yuletide Nutmeg Psychosis

Ahh...the holiday season. Can't you feel that crispness in the air? Unless you're in Southern California and looking for shade, that is. John Legend is set to guest on the upcoming A Colbert Christmas special, all decked out as a park ranger (or more like an adult film protagonist) where he seemed especially concerned with the inclusion of eggnog in Steven Colbert's holiday drink. While we would be more concerned with the amount of overproof Jamaican rum in ours, John goes on to explain that R&B stands for "roots and berries." Hunh? He also lip-syncs a pretty terrible song about nutmeg being indispensable to good egg nog. No, we're not Scrooges killing the holiday cheer, but we can spot something pretty corny when we see it. Somewhere in the world this is hilarious, but we can't help but wonder if all that nutmeg fascination has turned John into a man fixated with a spice that can cause some gnarly hallucinations when inhaled. Check it out for yourself below and tune into A Colbert Christmas when it starts airing on Comedy Central on November 23rd. 

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6 Responses

  1. Wow! That was pretty bad...not only was the skit itself wack, but John need not try to act again- he was horrible:(

  2. Yeah, I'm a little embarrassed by this. Really, John?

  3. damn yall had me really believin JOHN LEGEND was diagnosis --heart dropped and bounced out my SOUL.=D

  4. yes, that was good and corny and at times, a little uncomfortable but that was the point of the whole show. i watched it last night and it fit with all the other parodies of christmas/holiday songs. the saccharine horniness of the song was a current version of an r&b christmas carol. and considering that r&b today is nothing like nat king cole of the past, then john legend's song was appropriate. still horrible though. oh yeah, are you john stans still convinced that dude is not gay?!

  5. Add this to the LONG line of musical folks who I wish would be wise enough to forego the acting. Only a handful of people actually have the chops to pull it off, even when the material is bad. John, it appears, ain't one of 'em.