Morning Soul: Love Will Conquer If U Just Believe

  • Naturi Naughton channels her inner skank on the cover of KING. Oh wait, that's just her looking like Lil Kim, who she plays in Notorious. [SONYC]
  • Janet says that Def Jam wanted her to sound like Sade, which caused her split from the label. I say that sounds like a joke. [SR]
  • That alleged Whitney Houston new album cover is a total hoax. For all those who fell for the okey doke, consider yourself got. [OGG]
  • Keep making anti-Semitic jokes, T-Pain. That will make your inevitable fall from the top happen that much sooner. [MM]

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7 Responses

  1. Janet sound like Sade? Is she serious? Is that a joke?

  2. Sounds to me that Def Jam wants a LOT of things. Janet as a Sade=type? Errrr NO.

  3. OMFG @ T-Pain calling yelling out "mazel tov" and "matzoh ball" at that gathering.
    I can't wait to finally be rid of him.

  4. I guess "Mountains" is my answer. Good work with the vintage, if slightly not discussed, Prince cuts such as these.-QH

  5. Thank bejeezus that wasn't the real photo. I have no desire to see Ms. Houston in her underdrawlz. She should be wearing a couture gown or something...that Mariah Carey ho-suit look is dead.

  6. What I really want to know is what magic lamp have the folks @ SoulBounce been rubbing to get these Prince videos?? Awesome!!

  7. I'm sorry Janet, but it was those crappy ass songs that you were singing. Didn't have a damn thing to do with Def Jam wanting you to sound like Sade. On your best day, you could never sound like Sade.


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