Morning Soul: This Love Is Unbreakable

5 Responses

  1. I was wondering the purpose of Beyonce's CyborgHand.
    and LOL @ "is that what we're calling crack these days"
    Apparently so.
    Publicists know people can figure it out.
    Not sure how many OD's Amy has left in her.

  2. Looks like Tyler Perry got real brolic at them Dirty Awards.

  3. I guess Jill Scott really wanted that baby bad that she is willing to settle for a baby daddy with four kids. Where is the female empowerment and respect she sings about? I guess all that flies out the window when the biological clock is ticking.

  4. @ola
    That's unfair to say that. What if he's taking care of his and still has spare change left over or she really like him. Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants.

  5. @polyestaplaya
    What brother you know has spare change after paying child support to four women????? 🙂 hell her man aint Will Smith or Jigga.
    I agree 100%


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