Morning Soul: You’re The Highest of The High


  • Why yes, you can mix cellos and turntables and have it sound...umm...interesting. [NYT]
  • The FCC sure knows how to hold a grudge against Janet Jackson. [LAT]
  • Beneath the Auto-Tuning of Kanye West's voice, you can hear Esthero on his new album. [HHIR]
  • Hip Hop and Soul collide again since Erykah Badu and Mos Def will play eccentric lovers in the movie Bobby Zero. [BV
  • Speaking of love, Raekwon is enjoying some of the California variety as he prepares Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2. [LAW]

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4 Responses

  1. I so look forward to seeing Erykah and Mos on screen together. These two are so natural in front of the camera, true artists. Love them.

  2. 1. Why is the FCC so determined to keep this 'nipplegate' situation going? Let it go already!!!
    2. Looking forward to seeing Erykah and Mos on the screen together.
    3. ill Mama, why would you put that vid of Maxwell up there? I'm trying to ween myself off this man until the new CD comes out.

  3. Oh boy......Ms. Badu and a rapper making a movie together...Oh boy this is not gonna end well:) Everybody and their mama's know she has a thing for rappers. Could Mos Def be babies daddy number 4? I mean I'm just asking:)

  4. i know u primarily focus on soul music. but since u mentioned the convergence of classical with more modern sounds, perhaps u can appreciate this .
    its a classical orchestra performing the music of house dj carl craig in paris. this is the future of music. i hope u enjoy.