New Entertainment Awards Show to Air on Diverse, Good Music Dumping Ground BETJ

chuck_chrisette.jpgA few years ago, BET Jazz became BETJ and incorporated more alternative soul, R&B and hip-hop music into its Jazz-centric programming as regular BET became less tolerant of quality in general. We all know about the shenanigan-gasm that was the BET Hip-Hop Awards and are aware that the network has few, if any, redeeming qualities. In an attempt to banish innovative concepts entirely from BET proper, the network recently announced the first annual BETJ Virtual Awards. As the title suggests, this awards show has many internet-based, interactive features, including an opportunity for anyone with a webcam and guts to win an award by recording themselves performing their favorite nominated song. I pity the intern who has to drudge through that cacophony of digital fail.

The list of nominees is like reading some BET internal-only do not play list or something. On it there are:

  • Women
  • Real Singers
  • Musicians
  • People with talent that spreads across genres
  • Interesting categories like Soul Approved - Best New Artist and Best Jazz Artist

Co-hosted by everyone's favorite ageless wonder Nia Long, Chris Spencer and Claudia Jordan, the BETJ Virtual Awards show has an impressive list of performers that includes Ledisi, Raheem DeVaughn, Chrisette Michelle and Chuck Brown. It seems like it might be worth watching. And even though T-Pain is nominated (remember: it's BET), this line up might render our Hip Hop Awards drinking game obsolete. Maybe. [H/T: SR/BETJ]

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3 Responses

  1. "cacophony of digital fail" is the new hot shit.

  2. BET is limited in its content, yes. But have you been watching BET J? They often showcase a lot of talented artists who have little to no mainstream play at all and in a variety of genres. For example, Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings ( has a single that has been getting regular spins. Check out BET J a little more oftern. They deserve more credit than you give them.

  3. I wish I had BET J but due to Comcast or Viacom's idiocy, it doesn't come bundled with its obvious peers, VH1 Soul and MTV Jams. And I am not trying to have a bigger cable bill.
    Glad to hear they're showing Sharon Jones some love.


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