Raheem DeVaughn + T-Pain = EPIC FAIL

raheem_devaughn_tpain_fail.jpgI'm really starting to wonder about Raheem DeVaughn. First, he didn't know the lyrics to Prince's "Adore" at a concert SB staff attended earlier this year, then he allowed R. Kelly to molest his music, shortly thereafter he made a tacky music video, and now he's really jumped head first into the deep end of wackness with a T-Pain collabo on the new song "Club Hop." Have you ever heard a song so utterly horrendous that it made you want to cuss? This, my friends, is that kinda song.
The previous bad looks were semi-forgivable, but this ish right here? Put it this way, next time I see Raheem in the streets of DC someone is seriously gonna have to hold me back from running up on him and doing a Rambo behind this foolishness. OK, OK, maybe I'm just joking about the physical violence, but I'm really having a hard time wrapping my mind around why someone with so much talent wasted studio time to record this trifling ode to love in the club that includes references to making women walk bowlegged after restroom sex or some such nonsense. And T-Pain's obnoxious presence is the busted cherry on top. If Raheem was interested in selling out making a club banger, then he coulda done a way better job than this hot mess. 

Raheem DeVaughn feat. T-Pain: "Club Hop"

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  1. Maybe he was tryna pull off a Musiq Soulchild and go one up by adding Robot Boy aka T Pain on the joint. Well didnt work for Musiq aint workin for Raheem either.Boy will comeback to being himself soon enough...i hope atleast.

  2. I'm sorry-I'll comment as soon as I clean all of the VOMIT out of my keyboard. Oh, Raheem...

  3. Did this fool just say "my amex is black/my president is black/the whle club packed" ???. I turned it off at that moment SMH!

  4. Loosen up guys. Everyone knows that T-Pain is the **IT** boy right now in R&B and singers are just trying to ride with him. I'll forgive Raheem this time around because I still bump his first CD without hitting the fastforward button.

  5. Haven't listened to this yet, but I remember when Raheem was getting played waaay to the back of the bus by Jive when they first started pushing T-Pain. And I was like "who is this robot gremlin?"
    That was after he had already sat on ice mad long behind R. Kelly and Justin Timberlake.

  6. @NANA- yes, ma'am he did say that pathetically weak line....I'm really disappointed in RD! I love his first album. I haven't bought the second one yet b/c he keeps doing foolishness like this. Why is he trying to so hard to follow the extra commercial crap out nowadays? I thought he was a little different. Tis sone sounds like something Akon would sing, or worse yet--wack-ass RAY-J

  7. Da hell? Raheem gets the gas face for this one.

  8. and just so you all know...Raheem is also on a feature on TPain's new album. He and Musiq. yeah.
    don't ask me how I know this *ducks*

  9. Oooh, that is some HOT GARBAGE! One verse, one chorus is all I could manage. Blecch!

  10. The last song that made me wanna cuss was Snoop's Sexual/Sensual Seduction...
    I must admit I'm not mad at Snoop anymore after hearing this "Garbage" from a really talented dude, who can really sell some records if he concentrated on his career instead of allowing himself to suffer under poor management and label decisions.
    R. DeVaughn if you hear me shelf yourself and get your write on...or co/write on then resurface in the summer.

  11. as someone who didn't mind Musiq's "Radio," i feel vindicated by the awfulness of this song. there's so many things wrong here . . . did he say something about "spreading her lips?" and then the Radio Raheem references--corny. ugh i hate this i have to stop.
    what i wanna know is:
    what part of the r&bhippieneosoulrockstar game is THIS?

  12. yeah this is brutal. id be bummed if this was on his new album. hopefully he cans this shitty song and brings some real music for the love and war masterpeice

  13. Yall be easy, cause its because of yall that he is going in this direction. He better deliver on this next joint or thats it, I know, I know the "Love Ex", but it didnt do anything numbers wise, and you all know that what it about right now. Samething for Musiq, they just trying to stay alive in this cookie cutter times we in. Like someone said, i will have the 1st CD on repeat and i will surpport the new one when it comes out. But only we as a whole start to support our true R&B we will truly be the last of a dying breed R&B and HipHop, everyone is so interested in watering down the music and going pop and getting the pop audience, but we are forgeting bout the core, with out the core which is the roots the tree will die.

  14. Raheem, Raheem, Raheem.............You must be hard up for cash or smoking crack to make a song this bad. You might as well go record a duet with Britney Spears next. Out of respect to my fellow soulbounce readers and in the interest of good decorum, I wont say what I REALLY wanted to say about this shit sandwich of a song:)

  15., I almost feel bad, for utterly hating Musiq's "Radio" joint...this here is just complete wackness. I'mma need for Mr. Devaughn to do so MUCH better. This is garbage even by mainstream standards...nex he'll be doing duets with Soulja

  16. I can't even bring myself to listen to it.

  17. This song is abhorable on so many levels:
    1) FAIL @ calling himself "Radio Raheem."
    2) Absolute FAIL @ "spread her lips."
    3) Catastrophic FAIL @ "My President is Black."

  18. This is seriously in the running for the worst song that I've ever heard. Musiq made one misstep with "Radio," which sounds 1000% better than this and y'all know how much I hated that song, but Raheem is on his 4th with this HFM. I'm on the verge of cutting this dude loose.

  19. After reading the article and all of comments, I gathered up my nerve. After all, it can't be that bad, right?
    Well.. I was wrong, wrong , WRONG! At the beginning, RD sounds kinda nice and the song took a turn and I jumped off the bus.. This was HOT GARBAGE!! I love RD, sad I missed his tour and can't wait for something new to surface but this shitty song is not it! After Love Drug, Customer and the first CD, we have CLUB HOP...BOOOOO!
    I don't mind that he's hustling trying to cross over/gain more pop audience but this is not the way. Musiq's Radio had the sense to ride a thumpin durty durty beat and add his lyrics ( and No T-PAIN/AKON).
    Raheem, this is collabo not the way to do it. T-pain is grating on my nerves. At this point, any song I hear with him, I skip/fast-forward or turn off. I stopped this at the 2:30 mark- couldn't take it anymore. Why does every song have to be a club banger or love in the club?
    i love RD's originality and this is poptrashtic!

  20. Dammit! I saw this coming after hearing that terrible Text Message track. That was obvious just a taste of what Raheem had in store for his new fans. Stinks is not a strong enough word to describe this track! 2 thumbs down to the 2nd power!!

  21. Ok, I listened.
    Speaking as someone who's known the dude since he was recording demos in my basement years ago, it's hard to throw him under the bus but this is a pretty bad song.
    But watch it blow up.
    And be more popular than any of his other records, Urban Ave 31, CrossRhodes, the house joints with Kenny Dope, all of the "real" stuff his expanding fan base has grown to love and expect.
    For some reason it seemed to me that his hustle was paying off well enough that he didn't have to go this route. So the question is, is this a ploy just to get a much needed fat check or is it really indicative of the direction he wants to go?
    Since we're in the age of hope right now, I'll try to give him the benefit of the doubt even as I cringe and cast down the headphones. Hopefully this will help bankroll the progressive/underground projects he still keeps his hand in.

  22. wow.... I'm so embarassed for Rah. I've been biggin RD up since I heard him with Urban Ave 31 and doin his mixtapes. I always told my friends that this is REAL music and he was...... but this is pure trash. If this is really his new direction, then he just lost one.

  23. A piece of my soul just died...

  24. I got as far as the chorus and I am a huge RD fan. Can't stand T-Pain though so let's just blame him for this travesty.

  25. @ Berry, there is no blaming T Pain for this song. Raheem willingly jumped on this track. Raheem was becoming suspect after Text Messages and that R Kelly remix, but I tried to ignore those. I was considering RD in the category of the opposite of the horrible R Kelly/ T Pain mainstream artists, but I guess this is where he wants to go. Just like Kanye's decision to go autotune with his whole upcoming album, some artists would rather join the bandwagon than continue to make their major fan base happy.

  26. Ugh.
    I'm a huge RD fan. But this... um NO.

  27. Wow. It is bad. I should have known with over 28 comments. I am going to try to think positive that Raheem is doing what Stylus just said..trying to make a paycheck to fund his underground projects. It's just ripe for rotation on urban/hip hop radio stations across the country.

  28. Ok, I get what he is doing. He is with the majors now and he can't survive without sales. I know where his heart is musically, but he has to play the hand he's been dealt. Just like I would love to play dwele, slum village, ppp, all my gigs, but if im playing for a commercial crowd I can't do that. Heads know what I'm really about musically but I need a roof over my head too. You have to learn to seperate art from business. So if this song allows raheem to get some more mainstream burn, I'm for it. It will allow him to continue to do his thing for his core crowd while maybe, just maybe introducing his more eclectic soul to mainstreamers at his shows......maybe even enlightening some of them to the 'realness'.

  29. Wow. I think I'm good on fail until 2010 now. Thanks, Raheem?

  30. I read the review of the song before i played it.. It was only after I started listening that I noticed all the comments..
    I would like to thank all of you for helping me sorta not hear this song. My ears have been saved.
    I hate to say this but this will probably play very well to the drunk club masses.. which is also how you get radio spins. we might need to get used to this song. Why can I hear Lil' Wayne running to a booth drunk trying to get a remix verse out for this??

  31. Before I heard this, I was done with Musiq for "Radio". The only positive thing I can say about this song is that it made "Radio" sound a little less of a HFM. I loved TLE, and I really liked LBTM too, but this??? Let's hope this is just a "check" song and not his new direction.

  32. I think it's safe to say he won't be one of the local acts getting an invite to perform at the Inaugural Ball? And I, my friends, cannot get back the 40 secs of my time I allowed this hot ghetto mess to infiltrate my eardrums.
    And no, he does not get a pass because of the niceness of the first album. This is far far away from any love I'm trying to experience.

  33. Avatar

    Why does T-Pain get so much hate ? He's a better songwriter than half of the so-called "soul singers" featured on this site . He has his OWN voice, I cant trace his vocal style back to any other artist. Half of these so called soul singers all sound like Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson,Anita Baker, Lauren Hill or some variation in-between. Regardless of everyone jumping on his auto-tune sound and playing it out, I don't find his music all that bad. Yes there's some bullshit, but the T-Pain hate is out of hand. Half of these so-called "real" singers are using auto-tune to fix their wobbly out of tune vocals. Pain is using the thing as a special effect, like roger troutman did the vocoder. I've heard a few songs with him not using the effect and he sounds the same.

  34. the beat aint THAT bad, its the brutal lyrics, he should of slowed down the temp and crooned. Brutal track, praying it wont be on the love and war masterpeice.

  35. i wish Raheem was signed to Epic Records, so when he got dropped it would truly be an epic fail.
    (i don't really wish that for him, i just wanted to make the joke.)

  36. The key to getting through the entire song is you gotta listen and pretend that it isn't raheem devaughn..i think i got most of my anger out after hearing musiq's radio, and this track was bad as well no doubt, but I refuse to accept that either of them are truly going in this direction..for us 'real music' lovers, it's so sad that this is what the industry has come to.

  37. I'm not even going to listen to it. For what? lol

  38. I doubt this will be his direction. Kinda took a shot in the dark on it but the next single will be vintage Raheem. I actually liked Text Messages. At least that was better than Musiq's "Radio".

  39. Wow people are going real hard on a leaked song that is not even finished. Grant it I can't stand T-Pain...and I do not like the song...but some of these comments are really off the hook. I agree with DJ Book...
    I strongly dislike the highly commercial sound of the song with T-Mess on it...but I do understand that if he does not sell records, he won't be around on a major too long.
    Cut him a little slack he has been true to his art for years...and has always given 110%. I don't like the song but I'm not ready to throw Raheem to the wolves.

  40. All I Want To Do Is Make A Track With Him I Think He Is One Of The Best Artist To Come Out Of My Town Wale And Raheim Mambo Sauce Chuck Brown Backyard TCB And TOB Are Some Of The Reasons We The DMV Have Good Music

  41. The beat is tight. He should have did this song without T-Pain on a different subject.

  42. I think y'all are being a little too harsh in the assessment. I mean yeah, the man had a "n*gga moment" if he's responsible for writing this...and I don't really like it at all...but I wouldn't say he fell off, or sold out. Plus, I've heard worse.
    To be 100% honest, I've always liked his mid-tempo stuff and the ballads way more than when he's tried to make songs "for the club." I really don't think he'd put out an entire album filled with songs like this. I think the only reason the song made it's way out is because of the T-Pain appearance, since he's all over the radio right now.


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