SA-RA, Bilal & Georgia Anne Muldrow Breathe New Life Into Badu’s ‘Master Teacher’

erykah_sara_gam_bilal.jpgWe haven't heard a whole lot from Erykah Badu for quite a while, and there's a good reason for that: she's finished her world tour in support of New Amerykah Part One and she's expecting a child next year. Now that Erykah can rest up a bit, it seems as though the producers of the song "Master Teacher," SA-RA Creative Partners, have made available alternative versions of the song. While Bilal and Georgia Anne Muldrow provided background vocals for the version that we have become most accustomed to, the alternative takes features either Bilal singing lead while Georgia sings in the background, as it was originally intended, and vice versa. After the bounce, a special "Teazer" for those who wish to finger snap and head bob courtesy of SA-RA. You can download the Fresh Selects Exclusive EP, courtesy of SA-RA's Shafiq Husayn, containing all three songs here. Muchos gracias to Kenny Fresh for this. 

SA-RA Creative Partners feat. Bilal & Georgia Anne Muldrow: "Master Teacher"

SA-RA Creative Partners feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow & Bilal: "Master Teacher"

"Master Teazer (Ken's Revenge Edit)"

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  1. thanks for posting this--'m downloading now. it's good to get some backstory on this great song.

  2. Can somebody help me out a little bit. I really like this song, and i was just listening to it last night for the first time in a while, but I am still a little lost on the meaning of this song. And what Erykah 'nim is talkin about.

  3. @ joe, Here is my interpretation of "Master Teacher" (correct me if I'm wrong):
    In every race, especially the African American race, there is a group of people who are holding them back and not progressing along with the rest of their people. "Everybody knows that, black or white, there's people in every shape and size." There are people in the race that encourage prosperity and progress, and some who harm the race and negate the constant and slow progress. A perfect example: Soulja Boy and his straight up foolishness, yet he's being put on a pedestal by the people. (Which I think perfectly coincides with the lyrics from "The Healer" where Erykah says, "when n***as turn into gods, walls come tumblin'.") He went platinum, y'all... no joke! Yet Jill, Erykah, India barely go gold.
    In this song, and in New Amerykah I as a whole, the word "n***a" is used as a derogatory term. So Georgia and Erykah, etc. are asking "what if there was no n***as, only master teachers." What if there were only the "master teachers"... the intelligent, educated, and "woke" people of the race who are going forward, and there were no ignorant fools like Soulja Boy giving the African American race a bad rap in the media. The result would be unadulterated progress and inevtiable pride in one's own race and culture. Everyone would be "woke" and they wouldn't be zombies who are contributing nothing to their race or the greater good of the society.
    But that's just my two cents...

  4. @Nate Damn, you had to bring Soulja Boy up. lol No disrespect, but I think your interpretation is a little pretentious.
    "What if there were no niggas only master teachers," simply means, what if there were no niggas, in the sense of the negative association of being a nigga. It simply asks the question, "Why can't we (African Americans) be called (or call ourselves) master teachers instead of niggas?" Not niggas in the sense that there are people holding the race back!
    In a general sense, the song is talking about being aware and not accepting everything "the man" labels you. "I stay woke.

  5. This is one of my most favorite tracks off the album 🙂


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