‘Slow Down’ With Jimmy Cozier

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Gamble

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Gamble

Jimmy Cozier is certainly a name we haven't heard for awhile. After his duet with Alicia Keys and his hit "She's All I Got" got us all out on the dance floor stepping to its midtempo groove seven years ago, very little was heard from the Brooklyn, NY-raised singer. That is, unless you are a heavy listener of reggae music, as Jimmy was featured on an Elephant Man album and has been working on his own reggae-inspired album for the past two years.

Paying homage to his Jamaican roots on "Slow Down," it's a nicely executed swaying jam that is a bit reminiscent of another one of our favorites, the legendary Sanchez. While it would have been a nice track to ride the riddim on in the Summer months, it does nicely during this time of year, too, and urgently reminds me that I have some vacation days I need to take advantage of real soon. [H/T: UMB]

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