SoulBounce Blended & Beat Vol. 2

blendedandbeat2.jpgAre you ready for some Thanksgiving Family Funkery? Or maybe something to get you through the next two hellish workdays? We've unveiled another mix for our loyal family of readers, and not a moment too soon (the last joint went up almost exactly a month ago). We kept it in the same vein--Disco, House, and Soul, all upbeat and designed to make you cut a rug like Sister Edna Pearl at tent revival. Kelis makes another appearance, along with Janet and five of her brothers. Faith Evans does double-duty (that's our girl) and the mix is book-ended with Reel People. Also, I was finally able to find an excuse to put George Michael and War in the same context. What better way to work up an appetite? Tracklisting after the bounce.

SoulBounce Blended & Beat Vol.2 [Subscribe via iTunes]

  1. Reel People (feat. Tony Momrelle & Imaani): Amazing
  2. George Michael: Fastlove
  3. Chaka Khan (feat. Michelle Ndegeocello): Never Miss The Water
  4. Rahsaan Patterson: So Hot
  5. Robin Thicke: Threesome
  6. Angela Johnson (feat. Eric Roberson): Let Me Know   
  7. The Jones Girls: Nights Over Egypt
  8. Faith Evans: I Don't Need It
  9. Kelis: Protect My Heart
  10. Tony Touch (feat. Total): He's the Greatest DJ (Soul Central Remix)
  11. Janet Jackson: Don't Mess Up This Good Thing 
  12. New Edition: Cool It Now
  13. Jackson 5: Love Is the Thing You Need
  14. War: Galaxy
  15. Deee-Lite (feat. Q-Tip): Groove Is in the Heart
  16. Janelle Monae: Lettin' Go
  17. Faith Evans: Catching Feelings (Kaytronik Mix)
  18. V: Born Again (Boddhi Satva & Mr. V Retouch)
  19. Chieko Kinbara: Heart of Fire (Kiko Navarro Main Mix)
  20. Reel People (feat. Darien): Alibi (Dennis Fs Out On Bail Mix)

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7 Responses

  1. Am I the only one who can not subscribe?

  2. dang. i can't wait to hear this. i've never heard the tony touch/total remix, and "i don't need it" is crazy. i love how you gave the jones girls their just due by putting it immediately before. some of the latter dance-based tracks i'm not familiar with, but i know that they won't disappoint. i'm giving you a "good looking out" in advance.

  3. Need a coupla more details, Maceo. I may have a solution.

  4. I love it!! I was almost late for my appointment listening to this fantastic mix being transported to fantasy love land as I was! Its one of the reasons I LOVE SoulBounce... you give good love. Thank you!
    keep up the good work!

  5. I'm having trouble/problems subscribing also. Advice anyone?

  6. Use the raw feed
    put it into itunes or whatever your media player is.