The Total Vs. Brandy Double-Header!

Hey, any excuse to talk about these two acts, right? Luckily for Brandy, she has an eagerly-awaited album right around the corner. Total, not so much, but our memories of them are precious. In today's Battle of the Beats, we have two rounds that will leave you shaking your fists in frustration. First up is the easy, obvious choice--"What About Us." For Total, it was a huge record. It was their first collab with Missy and Timbaland and arguably their only biggest hit after their self-titled debut. For Brandy, it more or less signaled the arrival of her third release but didn't compare to the album's title track and follow up single. For me, Total wins this round, if only because they had both Timbaland and Missy in their corner when the two of them were at their prime. However, as you will see after the bounce, when the "Wonder Twins" began to work on projects separately, the answer isn't as cut and dry.


Total: "What About Us?"

Brandy: "What About Us?"


Total: "I Tried" [Explicit]

Brandy: "I Tried"

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13 Responses

  1. What About Us goes to Total.
    I Tried goes to Brandy.
    (oh snap--y'all gonna make me break out the Total "What About Us" cd maxi-single with the Lil' Jon Remix. i used to bump that steadily.)

  2. I was a Total stan. Tis my sorority line name.
    Gotta give it to them for both rounds. Neither of these were my faves from B Rocka.

  3. Man, Brandy ad infinitum. Right up there with Jody Watley's "Looking For a New Love" for confrontational soul attitude.-QH

  4. "What About Us" goes to Total.
    "I Tried" goes to Brandy. That beat got me.
    Overall? Total. Hands down! They were among my favorites of the mid 90s R&B girl groups.

  5. Dang, no Jodeci "What About Us"? Oh well, I'll have to go with Total on this one.

  6. Total, Total, Total. I absolutely still bump Total on the regular. I agree with Soulrific thought that Jodeci's What About Us is the shiznit though.

    Ya'll about to make me break out Diary of a Mad Band.

  8. I have to give it Moesha on both songs. I can't resist a Rodney Jerkins track just because I happen to like his brand of bounce. No diss to Tim though. Always impressed with his stuff too. By the way, is it just me, or does Total's "I Tried" sound horrid when you compare it to Missy's "Beep Me 911" from her Supa Dupa Fly album? Same exact Timbo track but none of the Timbo and Missy polish. FAIL!

  9. 'What About Us?' = Total. 'I Tried' is harder...I really REALLY like the Brittish accent on the Total track HAHAHA
    Eff'it I'll go with big Brandy for 'I Tried'. I was inpressed by her and Timbaland with this track, moreso than their other collaborations.
    1 each.

  10. Avatar

    Damn, nice post. These two Brandy songs just reminded me of how good her musics always is and how she never fails to put together a solid album. (Cross your fingers for Human), The vocals on Brandys "I tried" were really great, (You had a bitch ? ) Classic ! I love Timbaland pre-Danja. Hope they work together again, the Afro-D album was fire and had some joints. What about us is in Rodney Jerkins top 5 best track of all time. Total..they were OK

  11. bump Brandy x2! She is so under...rated. Always, Consistently Great Music. Awesome, Beautiful, Airy Vocals.

  12. Total's song is better... neither track is among the respective artists's best though. Any Brandy 90's hit beats her "What About Us" and Total had better songs with "Trippin'" and "Can't You See


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