What Slow Jams Make Your Baby-Making Playlist?

We recently consulted the fam for its ideal "Get Busy" music selections, and it resulted in one of the most epic email threads known to man. (I forgot to use the "BCC" Fail.) This isn't really a surprise; people jump at the chance to do inventories of tracks like this. So this presented us with the arduous task of slimming the selections down, or else we'd be here forever. And if you're reading this at work, it may just put you in a very uncomfortable position for the rest of the afternoon. Join us after the bounce as we recount some of our favorite slow jams that facilitate a romp in the sack, and don't forget to add yours in the comments. Then run home, fire up some Barry White and put a bottle of pink Champipple on ice. It's getting cold outside...

(DISCLAIMER: The descriptions get kind of raunchy. Get your child away from the monitor immediately! This blog entry is only for the "Grown & Desperate.")

Aaliyah: "Never Giving Up"
"The late Miss Haughton captured raw sensuality with this duet song. The synths were very Isley Brother-ish while the lyrics ("feels so strange/when I was on the train/I cracked a smile when I thought of you") were gritty and realistic." - Fave

Beyoncé: "Speechless"
"By far my favorite track from Dangerously in Love. The instrumentation vaguely reminds me of something the Isleys would've used and she employs these kind of restrained, deliberate vocals until the climax. Beyoncé at her best." - nOva

Bilal: "Soul Sista"
"'You must be my soul sista.' That's some sexy ish!" - Vivrant Thang

Bob Marley:
"Turn Your Lights Down Low"
"If anyone knew anything about facilitating reproduction it would be Bob". - DJ Stylus

Boyz II Men: "Uhh Ahh (The Sequel)"
"This is my all-time favorite ballad. The harmonies don't get any tighter than this! And the French-speaking girl doing the sexy, Puff Daddy ad-libs in the background???? Priceless!" - Fave

Carl Thomas: "All of My Love"
"Not a big CT fan, but this slept on song from the "Emotional" album stays in rotation to this day. Very sexy with just a touch of Motown strings." - Fave

D'Angelo: "One Mo'Gin"
"Less obvious than 'Untitled' but still smoldering and riddled with innuendo." - Ro

D'Angelo: "Untitled (How Does It Feel?)"
"If you're not involved when this comes on, you might as well hang it up, otherwise you'll be grabbing the nearest stranger and catching a case. D'Angelo probably aided in siring many bambinos to this joint. Old school and sensuous like Marvin, the Isleys and Prince rolled into one. This song is dangerous!" - nOva
"By the time he starts screaming, you'll probably be screaming, too." - Butta

Darien Brockington: "Come on Over"
"New millennium sexy swag oozes from this ballad from the Little Brother hook-man. The lady singing on the hook reminds me of Shirley Murdock while the harp and NewJackSwing beat cadence is perfect for nocturnal extracurricular activities." - Fave

Earth Wind and Fire: "Reasons"
"Phillip's falsetto will forever be a guaranteed draws-dropper." - Vivrant Thang

Faith Evans: "Come Over"
"A very direct and powerful ballad by my #1 90s R&B crush. "Won't you come over and make love to me?" Nuff said." - Fave

Floetry: "Say Yes"
"Marsha, Marsha, Marsha." - Ro
"...always melts the panties and boxer briefs. Nothing is sexier than revealing a crush and being that emotionally vulnerable." - ill Mami

Ghostface: "Camay"
"The Hip Hop version of a Teddy P song. Gruff, sexy, and unapologetic all at the same time." - ill Mami

Guy: "Tease Me Tonite"
"Drips with sex. If it weren't for the masturbatory scene at the end, this song would be perfect." - ill Mami

India.Arie: "Brown Skin"
"Sexy in a way that doesn't make you feel naughty. It captures Black love and sensuality in a way that few slow jams can manage." - nOva

Intro: "Come Inside"
"If this song doesn't make you moist, I don't know what will." - Butta

J*DaVey: "No More"
"Nasty, sleazy synth perversion. The musical equivalent of animalistic lust. Let us eschew the niceties." - DJ Stylus

Janet Jackson: "Anytime, Anyplace"
"...cause when this came out it aptly described what kinda ho I was." - Cornfed

Janet Jackson: "Anything"
"The perfect 'come inside from the rain' joint. Janet's slow jams have that vulnerability and emotional nakedness that don't rely on sleaze or vulgarity. This joint totally does me in." - nOva

Janet Jackson: "Funny How Time Flies"
"A junior high basement slow drag classic that has achieved timeless status now that we're grown up. Now that I think about it, this was way too grown for us at the time. The guitar and electric piano lines underneath Janet's spoken parts... whoever wrote those is a god(dess) among men." - DJ Stylus

Janet Jackson: "Rope Burn"
"It's got a nice, energizing rhythm and it's Janet." - Ro

Jill Scott: "Imagination (Crown Royale Suite)"
"'I feel like the moon is under the sheets with us now...' A new recruit from the bonus version of The Real Thing. Makes lovemaking sound like the discovery of a rare jewel. And Jill Scott is probably one of the sexiest sistas alive." - nOva

Jodeci: "Come & Talk To Me"
The original version, not the Bad
Boy Remix: The harmonizing sounds perfect like how how two bodies fit
perfectly when you're making love.
- ill Mami

Keith Sweat: "How Deep Is Your Love"
"This song is the opposite of birth control." - ill Mami

Kelly Price: "So Sweet"
"Declares just how orgasmically good it is with every chorus." - Cornfed

Kenya Gruv: "Top of the World"
"I wouldn't be the Vibe
Conductor if I didn't remind you of at least one forgotten yet PERFECT
gem. In a crowded field of amazing tunes by Jodeci, Guy, New Edition,
, etc., this joint nails the early '90s slow jam aesthetic. They
don't make soundtrack albums the way they used to. Word to Menace.
" - DJ Stylus

Loose Ends: "Symptoms of Love"
"It's not even a minute and a half long but its brevity is balanced by its potency." - DJ Stylus

Luther: "Make Me A Believer"
"...sets an undeniable mood and it essentially says everything that needs to be said." - Cornfed

Maxwell: "Submerge: Til We Become the Sun"
"Maxwell is pretty much the king when it comes to the nuance of a love song. 'Submerge' is orchestral, spiritual, vaguely cinematic and is totally what lovemaking would sound like if it was done by instruments." - nOva
"Beautifully vulnerable with just the right build. The perfect 'cough' groove." - Cornfed

Maxwell: "The Suite Theme"
"I love that he included that break of silence in the middle of the song so that you can hear yourselves making it do what it do." - Butta

Maxwell: "Sumthin Sumthin (Mellosmoothe)"
"The version from the
Love Jones soundtrack - You see what it did to Darius Lovehall and Nina
Mosely. Nuff said.
" - Vivrant Thang

Maxwell: "'Til The Cops Come Knockin'"
"Exactly, Maxwell. The message is the key." - Ro

Any song from Miles Davis' Kind of Blue:
"If you get lucky, this will be on repeat and no one would be able to notice or care." - ill Mami

Prince: "Adore"
"A classic from my youth. My exes remember me from this song but the husband actually personifies the song." - DJ Diva

Prince: "The Greatest Romance:
"Ahhhh This song just makes me melt." - DJ Diva

"International Lover", "Do Me":
"Both of these have long afterludes...which provides for a lot of uhm...afterplay." - DJ Diva

Prince: "Scandalous"
"Tonight why don't we skip all the foreplay Mama. And just get down here on the floor" *fans self* - Vivrant Thang
"Just 'cause the thought of him in that red suit and red heels does something to my underwear.." - DJ Diva

R. Kelly: "It Seems Like You're Ready"
"Don't judge me!" - Butta

Raze: "Break 4 Love" (English Mix)"
"This song will have you coming out of your clothes on the dance floor." - Butta

Solo: "In Bed"
"Drawer-droppin' music in four-part harmony." - Cornfed

SWV: "You're Always On My Mind"
"Slept-on duet. Coko & Brian Alexander Morgan make beautiful music together. I favor the one from the album as opposed to the one in the video. Prime high school dance-floor grinding sessions to this." - ill Mami

Tamia & Babyface (Quincy Jones, Portrait, Barry White): "Slow Jams"
"Ya'll probably forgot about this one. I haven't." - Vivrant Thang

Tank: "Slowly"
"Wow. I know this is a list about lovemaking songs but Tank practically takes it to church on this one. I'll be rocking this in my iPod on the way to Hell, thankyouverymuch." - nOva

Teddy Pendergrass: "Turn Off The Lights"
"The bear proves overwrought authority can be very sexy." - Cornfed

Tony! Toni! Tone!: "Loving You"
"Mid-tempo song, yes, but the crescendo that the song builds into is very similar deed." - ill Mami

Zero 7: "Destiny"
"I'm bookending [my] list with polar opposites. Where J*DaVeY is about maximum freak, this joint plucks the heart strings like the acoustic guitar that opens the tune." - DJ Stylus

Cajmere: "Percolator"
"At some point, the candles burn out, the lavender pillow mist smell
fades and massaging each other's intestines to the rhythm slower than
90bpm gets boring. Time to sweat out your perm and show your lover you
mean business. Send 'em to work bowlegged...and this song evokes just
- Fave

"Somebody gon' get PREGNANT!" - © Tracy Morgan

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46 Responses

  1. Any slow jam by Luther be it "otherside of the world" "If only for nite" I consider panty removing material:) As we lay is also a monster jam, so many classics could make my list but I will leave some space for my other soulbounce peoples.............

  2. One more jam.........Secret Garden....."Tell me a secret, I dont just wanna any secret I wanna know your special secret" If Barry's opening line doesnt get your woman dripping wet, then she must be a man in drag:)

  3. Love Ultra - Dwele
    Best Friend - Tweet
    Come Over - Tweet
    Was My Girl - Maxwell
    it's Getting Late - Floetry
    Soul Sista - Bilal

  4. The Isley Brothers: 'Make Me Say It Again Girl'
    Luther Vandross: 'If Only For One Night'

  5. I really should have included "Turn Off The Lights"...cause lil friend gets excited everytime I hear Teddy Pendergrass growl!

  6. Good call on "Speechless," "Say Yes" and the Janet tracks. Was this only supposed to be for newER stuff? Where's "Between the Sheets" by the Isleys?
    I'd also include...
    "Softly, Softly" by Maxwell
    "Softest Place on Earth" by Xcape
    "The Panties" by Mos Def

  7. hm.
    Maxwell--Lonely's the Only Company (I & II)
    Jeff Buckley--Everybody Here Wants You
    Janet Jackson--Someday Is Tonight
    The Isley Brothers--Sensuality
    Me'Shell Ndege'Ocello--Outside Your Door
    Minnie Riperton--Inside My Love
    Norman Connors--Invitation
    Prince--Insatiable, Somewhere Here on Earth
    Robin Thicke--Teach U A Lesson
    The Whispers--Open Up Your Love
    Will Downing--I Try
    Sandra St. Victor--Come Over
    Kenny Lattimore--Never Too Busy (Quiet Storm Mix)
    Shalamar--Somewhere There's A Love
    Tamia--You Put A Move on My Heart
    Willie Max--Can't Get Enough (feat. Raphael Saadiq)
    Alice Smith--Do I
    Massive Attack with Madonna--I Want You
    Ledisi--In the Morning

  8. TLC _ Red Light Special
    SWV - All Night Long
    Toni Braxton - You're makin me High
    Babyface - When Your Body gets Weak
    Nicole Wray - I Wanna Kiss You
    Debelah Morgan - Stay
    Faith Evans - I Love U
    Absolute feat Kelly Price - The Heat
    Allure - Your gonna Love Me

  9. Pretty much ANYTHING by Maxwell sets me off in the right way
    Rock the Boat- Aaliyah
    Promise- Ciara
    Untitled/How does it Feel-D'Angelo
    Don't Go- En Vogue
    All I- Jill Scott
    Between the Sheets-Isley Brothers

  10. LOVE IT nOva! Great job on this. Damn we know good music...and so do *most* of the readers!
    You ain't neva lied re: Slowly. I had that on the mixtape followed by JJ's "Would You Mind." It's a miracle there aren't any lil Vivs running around here for real.
    Cornfed is banned for that "Anytime, Anyplace" commentary. LMAO!
    B, no judgement here. It's just a damn shame he corrupted 12 Play and made it dirty. Viv truly earned her stripes off some of those songs.
    Faith's Come Over is one of those songs on the soundtrack of my life - sophomore year of college specifically. Damn, I remember the intense yearning and pleading like it was yesterday.
    Til The Cops made my list of Top 50 Songs. The live version he's performing in concert....
    *pulls out the Berry and scrolls through contacts*

  11. T-shirt and panties- Adina Howard....(Please dont judge the ho in me)...
    Making Love in the Rain- Herb Alpert (feat Janet Jackson)
    (does something to me...)
    Primitive- Roisin Murphy (my latest baby making jam)
    I want you- Erykah Badu (the ending is a trip but the beginning is a better one)
    Getting Late- Floetry (why do you have to be here....but i am not scared)
    I belong to you- Lenny Kravitz ( ...le sigh)
    Meltdown Missy Eliliot (once again...the ho in me is to not be judged.)

  12. 1. Adore-Prince
    2. ALL of Janet slow songs
    3. Kiss of Life-Sade
    4. Esthero-Thank HEaven for you
    5. Meshelle Ndegeocello- Soul Searching
    6. Drown Deep- Maxwell
    7. Vikter Duplaix- Your Touch
    8. Twisted- Ultra Nate
    9. Eric Benet-Feminity
    10.FLoetry- Say YEs
    11. Jill scott- Lyzel..he loves me
    12.JAzzyfatnastees- inconventional ways
    13.Lizz Wright- Eternity
    14. Kia Bennett- Lifetime
    15. NE-YO- Mirror
    16. Raheem Devaughn-Marathon

  13. Here's some crate diggers for ya. Lesser known, but work every time!
    Avant - "I Wanna Know"
    Babyface - "When Your Body Gets Weak"
    Basic Black - "Special Kinda Fool"
    Boyz II Men - "Luv N U"
    Carl Thomas - "Lady Lay Your Body"
    Chaka Khan - "I Remember U"
    The Deele - "I'll Send You Roses"
    Dwele - "Wake the Baby"
    Eric Roberson - "Softest Lips"
    Glen Jones - "When We're Making Love"
    Intro - "Feels Like the First Time"
    Johnny Gill - "Let's Just Fly Away"
    Keith Washington/Chanté Moore - "I Love You"
    Kenny Lattimore - "All I Want"
    Kevon Edmonds - "Sensitive Mood"
    Marc Dorsey - "Crave"
    Mint Condition - "My Dear"
    One Way - "Don't Stop"
    Prince - "I Can't Make U Love Me"
    Prince - "Somewhere Here on Earth"
    Ready For the World - "Gently"
    Rick James - "My Love"
    Rude Boys - "This Love"
    Sam Saulter - "Show You That I Care"
    Shanice - "Turn Down the Lights"
    Troop - "Come Back to Your Home"
    Charlie Wilson - "Sweet Love"

  14. (I typed a response before and it didnt post)
    Spring Rain- Nhojj
    T-Shirt and Panties- Adina Howard (the ho in me likes this song)
    Getting Late- Floetry (why you gotta be here...)
    Primitive- Roisin Murphy (latest baby making effort)

  15. Got another one!
    Case & Foxy Brown - Touch Me, Tease Me

  16. Esthero-Thank Heaven for you
    Madonna- Where life Begins
    Floetry- Say Yes
    Toni Braxton-The aRt of Love
    Gioia- On the inside(not really a slow jam but it makes me feel thangs)
    blue 6- Close to Home
    Aquanote- Waiting
    Erro- Softest Lips
    Time is now-Moloko
    Faith- No other Love
    TOtal-Kissing You
    Barry WHite-Playing Your Game

  17. Thought of a few more...
    Case & Foxy Brown - Touch Me, Tease Me
    Al B. Sure - Night and Day
    3T - Tease me

  18. the fact that i have the majority of these songs on my ipod says something. we won't say what.
    now while this is about the good lovemaking slow jams i do have one that is sure to get you heart beat racing and drawls dropping.
    nine inch nails--closer.
    song gets right to the point.

  19. Nu Soul
    Eric Benet- Chocolate Legs
    Alison Crockett- Like Rain
    Yahzarah- Urgency
    Chante Moore- Love The Woman
    Angie Stone- Sit Down
    Antonique- Sweeter
    Rahsaan Patterson- Spend The Night
    Noel Gourdin- Summertime
    Sepsehnaki- Let It Go (thanks for the lead SB!)
    Fertile Ground- Come To Me
    Fertile Ground- You
    Jazzyfatnastees- Unconventional Ways
    Kinda Old School, but not totally
    Tevin Campbell- Shhh (yeah, i know it's Prince's song, but I'm more familiar with his version)
    Cherrelle- Everything I Miss At Home
    Ready For The World- Let Me Love You Down
    Keith Sweat- A Right And A Wrong Way
    Jodeci- Alone
    Isley Brothers- Spend The Night
    Gregory Abbott- Shake You Down
    Straight Up Old School
    The Moments- Sexy Mama
    Isaac Hayes- The Look Of Love
    Rick James- Make Love To Me
    Ohio Players- Heaven Must Be Like This
    Norman Conners- You Are My Starship
    Eddie Kendricks- Intimate Friends

  20. This is fun. Everybody has listed some goodies. Some of my faves
    Silk-Lose Control
    Luther-So Amazing
    NIN-Closer ( filthy, but goody)
    Whitney- Oh yes-( I know)
    Aaliyah- Age aint nothing but a number (felt like i was being grown)
    Lil Mo -1st time

  21. When 2 r in love- Prince...(like a runaway train...)

  22. Classics
    Close the door-Teddy Pendergrass
    Distant Lover & Lets get it on-Marvin Gaye
    Sensuality & Make me Say it Again Girl- Isley Brothers
    Intimate Friends- Eddie McKendricks
    Simply Beautiful- Al Green

  23. Lord have mercy . . . i know it's about to be some FURNITURE movin' around some homes this evening. you guys all have some premium selections listed.

  24. I know I'm repeating some of the songs already listed both above and below but eff it! since I'm the dumbass who forgot to send my list last night!
    boyz II men - uhh ahh (remix): whispering, moaning, pleading...counting down to one before..."injection". "was it strong enough? did I dig too deep in your mind?" let's just pretend the video never happened and enjoy four black men harmonizing about how awesome sex is.
    jaime foxx - do what it do: the heels and the lights on? that's what I'm taumbout. "act right, go and show me, back it up now put it on me"
    floetry - say yes: YES. gotDAMN. I shouldn't even need to explain this. this is probably one of the sexiest songs I've ever heard. I can't even listen to that ish on the train. I get funny looks cuz...yea...I squirm.
    me'shell ndegeOcello - outside your door: the longing. the longing. the longing. "talk to me..." this is like half of my adult life. I especially love that we don't know if she's talking about a boy or a I relate even moreso.
    prince - the one: it's prince. he is sex. romantic freaky sex. some dudes would call this a "simpin'" song. but this is really what women want. seriously...this is like one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.
    (this song is mad hard to find, but I did track down the video)

  25. Maxwell--Urban Hang Suite on repeat, but I agree with Vivrant Thang on the Sumthin Sumthin Mellosmoothe Mix, it's one of my all time favorite songs period.
    And I also agree with Beyonce's Speechless..yes the song speaks for itself
    India.Arie--The Truth
    The Roots feat. Musiq--Comin to Break You Off (just seeing wee-bay from the wire in the video was enough for me)
    Anthony Hamilton--a good 3-5 songs from every album, take your pic
    Aaliyah--Come Over
    Ginuwine's So Anxious
    Donny Hathaway--I love you more than you'll ever know
    The Waiting to Exhale Soundtrack
    Joe--All the Things You're Man won't do..Somebody Gotta Be on Top
    Jill Scott--Honey Molasses, Show Me, Whatever..practically any of her other slow songs will do as well
    Mary J--All that I can say
    Justin Timberlake (yes i went there)--Take it from here
    Rolls Royce--Wishing on a star
    Marvin Gaye's entire I Want You record
    I could go on, but I guess I need to stop now lest I show anymore indications of my age lol

  26. All i gotta say is Tank's.....Im so close! If that dont make you cum damn near by its self! Nothing will!!!!!!!!!

  27. Body and Soul-Anita Baker
    Wey U-Chante Moore (little to no words but you FEEL it)
    Settle For My Love-Patrice Rushen
    Let's Go Forward/Sign Your Name-Terence Trent D'Arby
    Everlasting Love-Rufus & Chaka Khan
    Outside Your Door-Me'Shell Ndege'Ocello (So much yearning in that song!)
    Funny How The Time Flies/Anytime Anyplace-Janet Jackson
    Love Me Down Easy-Teena Marie
    When You Became King-Alana Davis
    He Loves Me-Jill Scott
    Still-Diana King (kinda morphs into a power ballad but it's got a lot of love in its lyrics)
    Say Yes-Floetry
    Whatever You Want-Tony! Toni! Tone!
    And if you want full albums of babymaking music: Marvin Gaye's 'I Want You' and ANY Maxwell album

  28. Wow, y'all mentioned so many I already know and love
    Floetry - It's Getting Late - Kinda like some trouble you're not supposed to get into
    Groove Theory - Hello It's Me - I like the Isley's too
    Isley Brothers - Don't Say Goodnight and Voyage to Atlantis
    Mary J. Blige - Slow Down - Oldie but still loves it
    Prince - Adore, Scandalous, When 2 R In Love, Shh!!
    Tevin Campbell - I'm So Confused - Don't laugh it was a hot song I liked Always In My Heart Too
    Aaliyah - I Care 4 U, 4 Page Letter, One In A Million, and the Hot Like Fire Remix - Woo!!!
    Terry Dexter - I Love You
    Angela Johnson/Maysa - More Than You Know
    Cooly's Hot Box - 14 Hours, Maybe I
    Conya Doss - Starship - What?! She sings the hell out of that song!
    Conya Doss - Feelin You
    Kelly Price - So Sweet - I gotta cosign on that one!
    Phyllis Hyman - Betcha By Golly Wow
    Minnie Riperton - Inside My Love
    Anita Baker - Whatever It Takes
    Regina Belle - Baby Come To Me
    Kenny Lattimore or Donny Hathaway - I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know
    Christina Aguilera - Song For You
    Vivian Green - Be Good To You
    Teedra Moses - Caught Up
    Silk - Don't Rush
    Allison Crockett - Like Rain, Anything
    Lalah Hathaway - Forever, For Always, For Love
    I could go on and on......

  29. and Huny...The One by Prince is actually on a New Power Generation CD. I have that at home. I bought it for just that one song. lol

  30. Ok I have 3 volume of mixtapes for just for this...they are all called Bedtime...the best one is Volume 1...Here is the playlist people tell me what you think
    1. Tank- Slowly
    2. Janet Jackson- Would You Mind
    3. R. Kelly- Your Bodies Callin'
    4. Usher- Nice & Slow
    5. Marvin Gaye- Let's Get It On
    6. 112- Sweet Love
    7. Jagged Edge- Slow Motion
    8. Maxwell- Submerge ('Til We Become the Sun
    9. R. Kelly- Seems Like Your Ready
    10. D'Angelo- Untitled (How Does It Feel)
    11. Usher- Bedtime
    12. R. Kelly- Sex Me Parts 1 & 2
    13. R. Kelly- 12 Play

  31. I'm sick I didn't see this earlier! ya'll have named all the good stuff! Speechless is like, the best damn thing Bey has done in my life! LOL. Til the Cops Come Knocking, Break You Off and of course the Jill, Prince, Janet, and Floetry joints are on my mixes also.
    a few others I like not mentioned:
    Say It -Neyo
    Softest Place on Earth -Xscape
    Slow Wine -the 3T's
    You -Raheem DeVaughn
    Virgin -Chico DeBarge
    Backstroke -Teedra Moses
    Like a Real Freak -Kells
    Seconds of Pleasure -Van Hunt
    Naked -Marques Houston
    All My Love -112 (from the Hot & Wet CD)
    I likes that Trading Spaces by Ush too....

  32. I tried to make sure this wasn't on the list before posting, so if it's on here twice I say sorry. But I think
    Maxwell - Know These Things: Shouldn't You from Embrya
    should be on your slow jams tracklist. And one more
    Meshell Ndegeocell - Beautiful

  33. Floetry - Getting Late (Live Version)
    Tweet - Turn The Lights Off
    Blackstreet - Deep
    Ginuwine - All Nite All Day
    Ginuwine - When We Make Love
    Ginuwine - In Those Jeans
    Silk - Freak Me
    LSG - My Body
    Az Yet - Last Night
    112 - Sweet Love
    Janet - Warmth
    Just about every song on R. Kelly's 12 Play &
    Destiny's Child - T Shirt
    Tony Toni Tone - Pillow
    Usher – Nice & Slow
    Usher – Bedtime
    Usher – That’s What Its Made For
    Usher – Can You Handle It?
    Usher – Do It Me
    Usher – Seduction
    Carl Thomas - The Baby Maker
    Joe – The Love Scene
    Joe – More & More
    Joe – And Then
    Avant - Don't Say No, Just Say Yes
    H Town - Knockin The Boots
    Tyrese - Signs Of Love Makin'
    Van Hunt - Seconds Of Pleasure
    Lathun - Fortunate
    India.Arie - Ready For Love
    Jesse Powell - You
    Lalah Hathaway - Love's Holiday
    SWV - Weak
    Keite Young - If We Were Alone
    Ideal - Creep Inn
    Musiq - whoknows
    Bobby Valentino - Love Dream
    Teddy Pendegrass & Stephanie Mills - Feel The Fire
    Rachelle Farell & Will Downing - Nothing Has Ever Felt Like This
    Conya Doss - The One
    Elijah Connor - Let Go
    Teedra Moses - Backstroke
    Ok...I'm tired of thinking. LOL

  34. I have a few playlists on my iPOD dedicated to this very topic..some are my faves are...
    Truth Hurts- Next To Me
    Changing Faces- Come Over (Aaliyah tried..but they did it better)
    Syleena Johnson- Phone Sex
    Tweet- My Place
    Notorious BIG ft.R.Kelly- F&^King You Tonight
    Joi or Labelle - You Turn Me On (love both..depends on how im feeling and who im doing...)
    112- Can I Touch You
    Monifah- Suga
    Monifah- Peaches n Cream
    Smooth- Strawberries (90s throwback)
    Syleena Johnson- Slowly
    Me'Shell N'degeocello- Dred Locs
    Martin Luther- Lust
    Martin Luther- Truth or Dare
    Joi- Lick
    Missy Elliott- Meltdown
    Kelly Rowland ft Tank- The Show
    Latoya London- Anything
    TLC- Take Our Time
    Monica- Down for Whatever
    Faith Evans- Reasons

  35. I'm so glad stonyisland said Secret Garden! That is #1 on the list, people! If that don't move you, you are DEAD.
    Butta. you CAME CORRECT on Raze's Break for Love. Again, if this jam don't move you, you must be in a coma.
    Please add to the list:
    Rock me tonight - Freddy Jackson
    I need love - Robin Thicke
    Higher - D'Angelo
    Do Me Baby - Original by Prince, nice remake from Melissa Morgan
    One on One - Hall and Oates (yeah I said it)
    Stay - Jodeci (who doesn't love begging songs??)
    Make it last forever - Keith Sweat and Jacci McGee
    Justify my love - Madonna (it's cause of Lenny)
    I belong to you - Lenny Kravitz
    I'm in the mood - Bonnie Raitt and John Lee Hooker (oh yeah)
    Closer - Goapele
    Pretty Brown Eyes - Mint Condition
    Sweetest Thing - Lauryn Hill
    There U go - Johnny GIll
    Shining Star - The Manhattens

  36. so many of my favorites have been mentioned...
    syleena johnson- no words
    finoa apple- slow like honey
    van morrison- have i told you lately
    nora jones- come away with me
    john mayer- slow dancing in a burning room
    corrine bailey rae- breathless
    dave matthews band- #41
    ben harper- sexual healing
    monifah- lay with you

  37. Damn ... the time difference here always puts me last when postin!
    Some already on the list but here goes:
    Floetry - any of their slower songs but particularly Say Yes and
    Now You're Gone (this may have been a UK bonus track)
    Conya Doss - Starship (love her version)
    Bilal - Soul Sista and You Are
    Carol Riddick - Moments Like This
    Jill Scot - Long Walk, My Love and He Loves Me
    Jazzyfatnastees - Uncoventional Ways (This is my song)
    Raphael Saadiq - Body Parts
    D'Angelo - Higher
    Jaguar Wright - Ecstasy (can't believe this isn't already on the list)
    I could go on & on but these songs are better put into use than talked about.......

  38. "Unconventional Ways" is such a beautiful song. that first Jazzyfatnastees album is sublime.

  39. I don't care what else is on ya lists, but Prince's "Adore"and "Insatiable" should be on EHHHHHbody's lists

  40. Wow everybody's list has a lil something..I had to come back to see what else ppl have posted since yesterday, I WILL be making a CD from this list ASAP!! Thanks everybody!! lol

  41. I have to add 88 Keys ft J*Davey 'Dirty Peaches'. after listening to The Death of Adam... def a song to get you in the mood

  42. Whoever said "Take Our Time" by TLC is correct. AND "Red Light Special". Let's also throw in "I'm Good At Being Bad" for good measure.

  43. where's Betty Davis? not slow jam-y, but babymaking surely.
    and debarge? "all this love, time will reveal, i like it, what's your name"
    Ohio players' "heaven, sweet sticky thing, fire (not slow jam but sexiest song i know)"
    barkays "anticipation"
    marvin's "you sure love to ball"
    teena maries "deja vu" (i'd never f*ck to this one tho)
    mariahs' "underneath the stars"
    stevie's "joy in my tears"
    xtina aguilera's "lovin me 4 me"
    isleys "let me down easy, choosey lover"
    aretha's "somethin he can feel"
    guy "piece of my love" (personal fave)
    jones girls "who can i run to?"
    i got more fa sure...

  44. I'm super late. I"m just astonished that the Aaliyah song was mentioned in the blog. I've always loved that song but i've never heard anyone else mention it.
    Another lovely baby making track is BEAUTY by Dru Hill.

  45. Hi all This is where I come to check out Aaliyah when she has pictures out. They might be bikini and I love them all. Where do you go for the best pictures?

  46. Wait, no Marvin Gaye??? No "Let's Get It On", "I Want You", "Distant Lover", "After The Dance"... How is this possible? I notice R. Kelly's "Bump'n'Grind", Janet's "Let's Wait Awhile", Diana's "Love Hangover", Silk's "Freak Me" and After 7's "Ready or Not" are also oddly absent.