When Ledisi Showed Up and Showed Out

Last Friday night my sugar pie honey bunch took me out on the town to see jazz pianist Anthony Walker in concert. It was an intimate affair at Maryland's Blair Mansion dinner theatre with various guest vocalists joining Walker to sing covers and originals as he held it down on the keys. But there was one guest who was a surprise to everyone in attendance when she snuck in unannounced: Ledisi! She was in town to record some new material and prep for her upcoming tour and decided to drop in to support Walker who is also the musical director for her band. After a bit--OK, a lot--of coaxing she took the stage to join him for two songs. Words can't express how good she was, so I won't even try. But what I will do is post these videos I shot of her impromptu performance because they're too excellent to not share with the masses. Ledisi's first song was her take on "What A Wonderful World," which can also be heard on her new Christmas CD, It's Christmas. And after the bounce check Ledisi letting her locs down on a
smoking version of Bill Withers' "Use Me" where she flexes both her vocal and comedic talents. There's no need to wonder if she stole the show.

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12 Responses

  1. damn! i live around the corner and up the street from there--how could i have missed it? thanks so much for the video--you've made my night!

  2. Thanks for posting, Butta. *sigh* IThat peformance makes it officially Christmas time...

  3. Ledisi is right up there with the best of them. She has gotta be one of myfavourite artists (current or past).
    I've had her xmas album on since it was released lol.
    It is criminal that she isn't more widely known and respected, i can't think of another female in the game today who can sing like she can!
    Thanks to Butta for stickin a great big smile on my face after one hell of a day!

  4. if Ledisi shows up in your town, do not mess around and miss it. it is a SHOW. thanks for posting this, Butta. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

  5. A tear came down my face....I love this woman...her Christmas CD is beautiful, funky, amazing, (fill in the adjective)...its a must have for the season...Thanks for sharing...look out for Ledisi on tour for the next month in support of her Christmas CD!!!

  6. Great rendition of this classic!

  7. Your sugar pie honey......what the hell??? you cheating on me Butta? 🙂 after all the time and money I have invested in our relationship? I spent what? 20, 30 dollars on you over 2 years and THIS is how you play me? 🙂

  8. Just plain of the dopest sistahs in the question!

  9. Ledisi is a BAD mutha shot-yo-mouth! And I loves me some live clips when folks are just being themselves. Niiiice one.

  10. I LOVE this woman. I just got the Christmas cd a few days ago and I am about to retire everything else. I will be listening to it all year long.

  11. She is so fierce, she made me cry.

  12. I'm late but this was amazing. I'm forwarding this to everyone and buying my tix to her christmas concert ASAP


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