Which of These Tracks Passes The SoulBounce Sniff Test?

So there were a couple of things we missed this week. Consider this a quick roundup of a few choice tracks we encountered during our daily internet haunts that we didn't get around to posting. First up is Chester French, whose Internet buzz has been insanely loud for a minute. "She Loves Everybody" is playful, cautionary and a little retro, with a remix courtesy of the Neptunes (they are signed to Star Trak). It's the perfect palette cleanser between your Hip-Hop and Soul sessions. Then we have our girl Brandy with "Drumlife," a Timbaland-produced joint that is noticeably missing from Human's tracklisting. Finally is the Waajeed remix to Platinum Pied Pipers' "Angel" featuring Coultrain (the original is better --nOva) and Jay Electronica with the cinematic "Exhibit A (Transformations)" produced by Just Blaze. [CL/OKP/2DB]

Chester French: "She Loves Everybody (Neptunes Remix)"

Brandy: "Drumlife"

Platinum Pied Pipers feat. Coultrain: "Angel (Waajeed Remix)"

Jay Electronica: "Exhibit A (Transformations)"

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12 Responses

  1. Chester French? Are you serious?
    Brandy's jawn was cute, but Bounceworthy? NIMO
    I love all things PPP...but I'm not sold on Coultrain yet.
    Exhibit A is certified...track and flow...bounce that!

  2. Brandy: WAY too much auto-tune
    Platinum Pied Pipers: Too many drums in my ear!
    Jay Electronica: Really like a lot, but heard it before
    Chester French: Has to be the winner because it is the most refreshing. Where is the original??
    Thanks Soul Bounce for always bringing the best!

  3. Chester French-
    Never heard of them, but it's cool. EXCEPT, I feel the Neptunes straight jacked what we call in Balitmore, "club music." That remix is exactly something a DJ here would fact, the beat sounds very familiar to me...
    Not feeling this particular song
    Never heard of them, but it's cool...I like it
    Jay Electronica-
    It's alright.....

  4. these are all cool, but the PPP track is definitely my favorite though!!
    where can i hear some more of them?

  5. no doubt, ppp is my favorite!

  6. Erykah Badu's baby daddy's joint is kind of hot, the rest are not worth downloading much less buying.

  7. I stan for Waajeed, but the Jay Electronica joint is straight beasting on this whole group.

  8. I've been waithing to hear some Jay Electronica, I know some other artists have been vocal about praising him. Since hearing this joint last week I'm definitely ready for more and Just Blaze truly did his thing on this track.

  9. Jay Electronica...mos def! Been bumpin' that one all week. Brandy's jawn is aight. I normally like the PPP but I'm gonna pass on that one. Chester French may have to grow on me.

  10. Jay Electronica only. None of these other songs are worth anyone's time of day.
    Chester French? Is anyone for for real about that corny bunch? Gimme a break.

  11. Avatar

    Like the brandy joint, my heart sank when I heard the 4 chord arpegiating synth. But her voice and and the melodies saved the song for me. Brandy is awesome

  12. no of your music links work? whats up with that?


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