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Look at you. Just frothing at the mouth for that new Beyoncé, ain'tcha? Well your wait is over, Crazy, because her album, along with a bunch of other stuff, is about to be released--officially! Welcome to another Release Guide. As usual, we've included some handy Amazon purchase links to more than indicate you should be buying music instead of trolling Megaupload. Peep game in the above graphic. So many titles to choose from. So little money to spend in these hard economic times.

OK, so! Beyoncé's I Am...Sasha Fierce officially drops this week. The magic in the air is so palpable you can practically make love to it, no? Beyoncé is the most innovative, avant garde virtuoso of our time (anyone that uses black & white photography after her will be labeled a biter), and she promises that on this release, you will see the many facets of her personality. Like Sybil! This double-disc epic features thigh-slapping ditties that will make you sweat, and heart-wrenching Pop ballads that will have you pondering the meaning of your questionable existence. Then you will cry many many warm tears of despair when at the album's tragic close, it is revealed that she is not, in fact, Jesus. [Amazon 11/18]
Marvin "Slim" Scandrick, whether you like it or not, is the voice that defined 112. Think back to whenever you heard a song by them that he didn't lead. You probably went "Who dis?" So now he's releasing Loves Crazy all by himself, and you can close your eyes and pretend 112 is back together! Bad Boy familiars Ryan Leslie and Mario Winans contribute to the production, and he also has a duet with Faith Evans. But, dear God, Young Berg is on here, too. Kudos to the geniuses at the label that said "We should probably release this the same day as Beyoncé." [Amazon 11/18]
Oh look. There's that Kanye West thing! [Amazon 11/24]
I'm not sure what I can say about Ludacris other than I used to like his music. With that in mind, let's see what the heck he's thinking with Theater of the Mind: "The whole album is theatrical, conceptual-wise. Every song you hear sounds like a scene from a movie." Haven't you always been theatrical, Christopher? Again, what's your concept for this album? [Amazon 11/24]
Oh snap! The Cadillac Records soundtrack might be a collector's item, if only because this many be the first and last time you get Beyoncé, Mary Mary, Raphael Saadiq and Mos Def all on the same album. Yes, even with the presence of Solange, the personnel looks pretty good. Don't hate. [Amazon 12/2]
If there's one rapper I won't snark on, it's Scarface. I just don't think I'd have a fighting chance; he'd beat me with knowledge. Emeritus signals a retirement of sorts, but it might not be the last time we hear from him. We usually take these kinds of titles with a grain of salt. [Amazon 12/2]
Below you'll find a poll that asks what you plan to buy. Lord help us, just check Beyoncé and keep it moving. Who needs a poll?

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15 Responses

  1. Beyoncé is the most innovative, avant garde virtuoso of our time
    *hurl* But I recognize the 'snark'-infusion here, so I'll just LOL it away.
    I agree with you about Slim and 112.
    I like the 'title' of Luda's new album, as well as Kanye's.
    Beyonce is covering a lot of songs on Cadillac. Hmmm. Of all these releases, I might be inclined to buy this one first...or period, actually. May actually get some 'soul' music out of it with the exception of Beyonce (yes, I'm saying it) and even Solange's (yes, I'm saying her too) contributions.

  2. I detect a slight hint of sarcasm about Mrs. Carter? You better be careful. You know her stans have bionic ears. LOL
    To be honest, I won't be buying ANY of these cds.

  3. Wait a minute. I Am...Sasha Fierce only has TWO discs and only 11 songs? Now that is just lazy.

  4. Not buying any of them Nova. I'm one of those MegaUpload lurkers. I know, shame on me and slap my hand but I can't help it. There is a certain thrill in "researching" and finding an official copy before it actually hits the stores. Had Beyonce last week, found Slim last night. With all the leaks from 808's floating around, I already have most of it and know I'm not gonna plunk down any cash. Scarface and Luda won't be hard to find either. Good post though...Props.

  5. i previewed the ridiculously titled "I Am . . . Sasha Fierce" a week ago, and i'll be damned if i wasn't feeling it. like, at all. and i typically like her stuff. i just was unmoved by the bulk of it. i think i maybe liked "Halo" and that was about it. the "I Am" part of it seemed like a big ol' mess of boring adult contemporary dreck. and most of the "Sasha" disc just seemed like she was parodying what she's done before. it didn't seem like she's made much progress musically, or like she's just pandering to her audience. i dunno, man. as hard as she's trying to switch it up, this new music just doesn't seem that fresh to me. i'm sure it will sell well, but i'm not feeling it. i usually purchase Beyonce's stuff sight unseen, but i wouldn't even want this album if it was free.

  6. I've already heard the Beyonce and the Slim. The Slim is aight, but I won't be buying any.
    FYI @ chynadoll, there is a deluxe edition of the Beyonce joint that is 16 songs, 8 for each of her "personalities". The standard edition is the one thats 11 songs, and the one I "acquired". LOL I also, only really bumped for Halo.

  7. @Reecie & Chyna: In theory she could fit them all on one 74-minute CD, right? Here is why she's doing a "double CD".
    1. So they can charge a premium for it.
    2. So it will go platinum faster. "Units sold" refers to the actual physical CDs regardless of them being part of the same album.
    3. This business with the "deluxe edition", again, is to increase sales for the jerk that got the 11-track one and suddenly realizes he's "missing" something. How much do you want to bet that once she puts out enough remixes and videos that there will be another edition of this album? I'm thinking spring.
    All of these stunts go to her "total albums sold" count so people can call upon her numbers whenever they need to validate her.

  8. @ nOva:
    You are incorrect in regards to reason #2. A double album only counts as a double album (aka 1 million sold = 2x platinum, a la Speakerboxxx/ The Love Below) if the discs collectively contain 120 + minutes of music. Christina Aguilera's Back to Basics double-album is a perfect example of this Billboard rule. The standard edition of Sasha Fierce is about 40 something minutes long, and the deluxe edition is around 60 minutes. So if Beyonce sells a million of this album, she will still only go platinum... she will NOT go double platinum. Yes, the double album thing is a marketing scheme, but it's not going to bump the album's status in any way, other than reason #3.
    I have listened to Beyonce's album at least 10 times through, and while it's not as bad as people say, it's still quite underwhelming. The Sasha Fierce disc is far superior, but it seems like she want to leave it in the dust and keep it as a backup in case the pop/rock ballads don't work out. I'm a huge Beyonce stand who loved, loved, loved B'Day... but I'm feeling a little empty.

  9. @Nate: You rock on so many levels for the breakdown.

  10. @nova: So basically this standard/deluxe album stuff, is merely a scheme to continue the fattening of the Knowles family pockets?
    @Reecie: What is so 'deluxe' about the deluxe edition?

  11. Not really much difference unless your into Bonus songs and different album covers.
    I am...Sasha Fierce (DE)
    Disc 1 = Two Extra Songs
    Disc 2 = Three Extra Songs
    Different Album Cover
    I Am....Sasha Fierce on Amazon:
    I Am...Sasha Fierce (DE) on Amazon:

  12. LOL @ ChynaDoll. I'm still questioning the utility of multi-disc albums in the mp3 age. and based on what we now know, they coulda squoze them joints onto on CD. Bey's songs are short and sweet.
    Also, I MISS CDs that had tons of songs on them. Good times...

  13. @ nOva:
    Amen. I'm sick and tired of these 10 track, 40 minute CDs. Last time I checked, we're listening to CDs, not vinyl, and compact discs can hold 80 minutes. So what's the deal?

  14. Thanks for the info, Nova & Nate. I had no idea about any of that double disc scheming....I just generally tend to hate double discs cuz its usually too many extra songs that suck....
    yeah I miss at 17 track CD as well. and album should not be less than 60 minutes long!