Estelle & Adele to Collaborate…Seriously

estelle_adele.jpgYes, you read that right. UK soul singers Estelle and Adele will be joining forces and collaborating on a new track in the new year. There's no word yet on whose album the song will appear on, as both breakout stars are working on follow-up releases to their US debuts. This is surprising news nonetheless because Estelle has been quite vocal about her disdain for blue-eyed soul and the British media swinging off the bra straps of its purveyors. She even went so far as to call Adele out saying that her music "ain't soul." Clearly Estelle got over that and now the pair will have something for our ears soon enough. This is gonna be interesting. Love Estelle, but vocally Adele will blow her out of the water. With the right material, though, they'll both capitalize on their strengths and shine. Who knows, maybe they'll do a remake of "Ebony and Ivory"? [TS]

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  1. Wow. I did not see that coming! And yeah, after seeing both live Estelle's voice really can't hold a candle to Adele. Adele's voice is amazing. I like both artists, though, so I hope the track will be dope....

  2. Nice to see Estelle coming down to earth. Her comments are valid; they're is a definite biased toward "blue-eyed soul". But ranting about it to the media and calling out fellow artists doesn't garner more sales.
    I think Hil St. Soul handled it best on the single "Black Rose".

  3. In a recent radio interview, Estelle criticized the British public and press for unfairly labeling her as "anti-White". Maybe this duet with Adele is some form of olive branch, urged on by her management and record label, to quiet the storm. Nevertheless, her comments were grounded in truth. The UK, and the USA to a lesser extent, has never done right by its homegrown Black talent!

  4. Adele's cuter anyway...

  5. Ha ha, I guess Estelle will be singing the hook then? The girl is cute but she sings with zero emotion and seems to give nothing in her live show either. She is all teeth and clothes and hair and catchy hooks. I am not the biggest Adele fan but at least she seems to be coming from somewhere real.

  6. Estelle needs to listen to her own album cause she aint soul either but I still like her. Adele put out one of my fav albums this years and yes its very soulful.


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