Juelz Santana Wants to Jingle Your ‘Bellz’

Juelz Santana and some stripper singer named Starr have managed to turn the jolly holiday standard "Jingle Bells" into a hoodrat carol. Going so far as to change the name of the song to "Jingle Bellz," this is the perfect song for dashing to your ho. Watch the video below to see the usual rapper excesses such as a Bentley, bling, fur and half-nekkid women. This track is from the album Jim Jones & Skull Gang Present A Tribute To Bad Santa Starring Mike Epps. That title alone just reeks of hot sauce and weed. Is this what holiday rap has come to? I know that somewhere Run and DMC are shaking their heads, and they're not the only ones. I'm 100% sure that Baby Jesus wouldn't approve either.

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8 Responses

  1. I think I threw up a little bit in my mouth.

  2. Despite the lavish lifestyle these people were trying to emulate, this whole video came off looking so cheap.

  3. This is trash if I've ever seen it. Those poor bells!

  4. @ Butta: "this is the perfect song for dashing to your ho." Well said. This is embarrassing. Absolutely putrid.

  5. "I'm 100% sure that Baby Jesus wouldn't approve either." --> so funny!
    the whole thing seemed like a joke, and i kept waiting for the beat to drop. but... to each his own, i guess.

  6. What in the hell? Who signs off on this sh*t?

  7. If ever there was a song to drive someone to suicide (or homicide), this is it.

  8. LoL dismissing the fact that the video looked cheap..I personaly dont think it wuz all that bad